Monday, February 22, 2010

Nullification? Naturally!

On the verge of financial ruin, the United States federal government seems determined to continue spending, printing, taxing, and deflating monies representative of the nation. With each billion spent, each trillion debt increased, and each bond sold to foreign investors, the strength of the United States is reduced, if ever so slightly, until the entire foundation is found to be eliminated. Like a risky game of Jenga, the central government must be concerned about state insurrection against their diminishing powers.

I bring this topic to the forefront as a headline flashed upon my screen over the weekend that got very little play: Governors want in on Health Care Summit.

That is right. The governors of the 50 states are directly challenging the powers of the federal Representatives, Senators, and the President himself, asserting their powers over the teetering central government - namely because the states and the people are going to be asked to foot this bill.

In short, the states, in coming to the table, are stating that they have the right to elect NOT to participate if the proposal is deemed bad for the states, by the STATE government and the PEOPLE.

The power of this nation does now, and always will rest in the hands of the people of the states. Obama, the congress, and the federal government in general is about to bear witness to wide scale nullification, general insurrection, and the complete loss of their authoritarian control over the peoples of this land.

Rebellion is the beating heart on which this country was founded. It should be no shock that nullification is the natural progression in such over reaching proposals.


  1. This could be a VERY good thing. Prayers are probably in order, at this point.

  2. Hear, hear, to both blog entry and comment above.