Monday, February 15, 2010

Seven Words that will Save Your Life

Eat Food. In Moderation. And Mostly Plants.

I read a great book over the weekend called Food Rules, by Michael Pollan. It was less of a book, and more of a series of rules outlining the CORE PROBLEM behind our health problems in the west, and how we can enact the change without a trillion dollar tax!

The problem, as the book states, is that we no longer eat food in this country - rather we eat "edible foodlike substances"... The food science industry has focused on shelf life, "lite" foods, "fat-free" foods, etc... but what has happened is that the nutrients have been removed, corn sugars (and other sugars) have been added, and the result is a food like substance, but NOT actual food.

As such we find ourselves eating larger portions in search for the same nutrients... we eat an additional 500 calories (on average) a day of sugars unnecessarily added to our food - sugar being a carbohydrate, and carbohydrates turning to fat in the body. This 500 calorie increase has caused an increase of 17 pounds in men and 19 pounds in women since the beginning of the "obesity crisis" in America.

The book concludes that it is the foodlike substances which we are eating that is the root cause of our health crises here in the US, our modification of nutrients responsible for the 2 trillion dollar a year "supplement" industry, and our own bad habits that are leading our culture into an early grave.

I highly recommend this very easy read - and I also recommend that you, like myself, take the challenge to change the way you eat, change what you eat, and change why you eat - you may find yourself living a healthier longer life!


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