Monday, February 15, 2010

Establishment Politicians Dropping like Flies - John McCain vows to Fight On

Evan Bayh, Senate Democrat from Indiana announced today that he would not seek re-election, adding him to the growing list of establishment politicians who are unwilling to participate in the election this year for fear of what the political climate has become - that is right... they are being called to task, and one after another of the career politicians are jumping ship. With a congressional approval rating of about 20%, it is a wonder that it has taken so long for them to recognize that THEY have been the problem with the country - not the people, not the businesses... but the corrupt career politicians.

Meanwhile, longtime Republican Senator from Arizona, John McCain, has vowed to fight on against the increasingly popular republican primary opponent, JD Hayworth. Though McCain is a full 20 points ahead of Hayworth in polling, the primary is not being held until August, giving McCain enough time to realize that it just may be time to step down.

McCain is no maverick. He does not represent conservative ideals or the Republican party. He should take the example led by Bayh and the slew of establishment politicians who are returning to private life in 2010. McCain and other corrupt politicians have been eroding our liberties and stealing our money for decades - it is time to let the people take over and fix the mistakes you have made.

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