Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enacting Liberty, not just getting R's elected

The year is 2010. We are well into the second year of arguably the most liberal president in the history of the United States, backed by a near supermajority of liberal leaning congressmen and senators in the federal capitol. The left is pushing for a radical Eurofication of the United States, the right is determined to stall on the basis of American Exceptionalism when it comes to our form of government. The state governments are ripe with the same partisan conflicts, the same partisan rhetoric, the same core fundamental disparities. The people of the states, too, are mobilizing for one side or the other. On every level there is such a divide present that the very fabric of our society is beginning to tear at the seams.

This is a struggle that must be resolved, and it must be that absolute liberty is the victor, lest the great experiment will cease to exist.

That is why, in 2010, it is more important to defend liberty, defend streamlined government initiatives, support true liberty minded citizens who are interested in restoring balance in the government and not merely looking for a switch in partisan power.

As I have eluded to in a number of articles, my biggest fear is that the power swing in 2010 will do little to address core concerns with the direction of this country, and do more to merely swing power to a different set of criminal politicians.

Liberty means more than low taxes and republican victories. It means more than a Gadsden flag, or a tea party convention. Liberty is only possible when you live without fear of reproach from your government AND without fear of retaliation from your neighbor. We must be careful not to cry liberty while in the minority, merely to rule with an iron fist once in the majority.

Inasmuch, we must draw a clear line in the sand - what is the absolute extent of government power... and stick to it.

Unless we can resolve this fundamental question, all other disputes are unwinable.


  1. In the words of the old proverb, we've tried the soapbox, and will shortly try the ballot box. I don't want to think about what will come next, if the ballot doesn't produce Constitutional originalists.

  2. Excellent article. "We must be careful not to cry liberty while in the minority, merely to rule with an iron fist once in the majority." That's kindof like our elected officials being conservatives during the campaign and then becoming big-government liberals as soon as they get to Washington! Thanks for endorsing Debra Medina, we Texans are anxious to get back to the principles this nation was founded on.

  3. I could not have said it any better. When the 2006 elections took place and polling suggested that the smarmy statists in power now had a higher amount of confidence granted to them regarding fiscal restraint, I knew it was going to bite this country in the ass. I promised myself to never again give the benefit of the doubt to any Republican just because of party affiliation. John McCain was the final straw. If you want to feed liberty, just starve liberals.