Monday, February 16, 2009

The Truth of Islamification - Fitna, the Movie - by Geert Wilders

The Netherlands is under siege, as is all of Europe. Over the course of the last 1200 years, Islam has made several attempts to convert Europe by the sword - this time they are conducting a campaign of immigration and domination... it is devastating European culture, and threatening any potential for world peace.

The following video is called FITNA - a production by a Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, in which he openly criticises the Islamification of his homeland, the Netherlands.

WARNING: The video contains extremely graphic content, not suitable for all eyes. It includes mutilated corpses, the act of mutilating corpses, murder, suicide, etc - very graphic.

In the Netherlands, gone are the days of "I don't defend what you have to say, but I defend your right to say it"... and it has been replaced with the battle cry of Islam - "Behead those who Insult Islam".

Wilders (pronounced Vilders) was to travel to England over the weekend to address parliament discussing the issue of Islamification of Europe - unfortunately the British Government had him removed from the country after threats from a British Muslim cleric to draw tens of thousands of muslim protesters became too much for the Brits to manage... The fear of protest caused the leader of another state to be turned away.

The outcry from muslims is that the movie falsely equates Islam with violence... in the words of Pat Condell, "that is like falsely equating Disney with Mickey Mouse. Islam without violence is like an egg less omelet". Dare we say anything negative about The Religion of Peace, lest we find ourselves also threatened with Violence... go figure.

I have written a number of posts against Islam - not as a religious practice or attack on a religion, but rather a culture of fear and outdated dogma aimed at dragging our civilization back a thousand years. I recommend you browse some of my previous posts, mostly titled "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war" or some variation...

What is happening in Europe is part of the plan of Islamification - driving fear into the hearts of all, aimed at destruction of civilization for the purpose of obedience to the "religion"...

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  1. My only gripe with the movie is that there is no solution offered. It doesn't take a popular Member of the Dutch Parliament to figure out that Islamic honor killings and terrorism are bad.

    You're not going to convert them to Christianity, they're not going to "tear out" violent passages given to them by their prophet (they shouldn't have to), and it's obvious that protesting Islamification is only going to further enrage the Islamic minority in Europe.

    What the video doesn't address (although Wilder has frequently talked about this) is that this is all the result of the open-borders policies most European countries have had toward immigration.

    I wrote on my own blog that a similar thing could happen if we open our borders to the same extend and allow the mass importation of people from Central and South America. It wouldn't be Islam, but Communism that took a strong foothold in the United States.

    You can't just kill millions of people because you disagree with them. Ask any Democrat, they'll tell you the only excuse to kill that many people would be for the convince of mothers who "aren't ready" to have a baby.