Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Iran Joins Community of Space Racers

This is not Iran's first satellite, but it is Iran's first satellite which was launched on an Iranian lifting fixture, from an Iranian launch facility.

Iran has achieved Space launch capabilities - which should give the world reason to both celebrate, and to fear.

Though the satellite was extremely small, weighing only 60 pounds, the capability of space launch indicates a technological milestone in ICBM development. The next two milestones would be capability to launch heavier payloads to orbit, followed by the creation of re-entry technology.

Fears aside, I always have to applaud the advancement in space technology. Supposing Iran truly has nothing but peaceful intentions, a new member in the international space race is an exciting new development - and it serves to progress healthy international competition.

My hat's off to Iran on their accomplishments. And at the same time, I pray that they are truly intending their development for peaceful purposes.

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