Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In support of my previous post - from Center for Freedom and Prosperity

This video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity explains America's failing system of economics, started by the Bush Presidency and perpetuated by the Obama catastrophe in the making. Take five minutes and enjoy!


  1. Good Stuff man. Good Stuff.

  2. I thought America's "failed system of economics" started with Lincoln.

    Seriously, you have to go back further than Bush or even his father's presidency. I vote for Woodrow Wilson.

  3. I truly believe in the fact that bigger government is what put us where we are today. We must see the trend and correct it now before we end up at the bottom of the list. With the way that it is looking for our family presently, moving to a new country for a bit looks good. You know something is very wrong when the California government sent their tax payers an I owe you for the tax refund.

  4. Ben -

    I put "started by Bush" referring to the large scale "entitlements" and "bail-outs" in recent history of the US. The same ideas were tried by a number of past presidents, all at different levels of engagement... all were horrible ideas... the latest was propogated by Bush, and has been called "conservative economic policy" - it is nothing of the sort.

    My issue with Lincoln are outside of economic policy...