Monday, February 23, 2009

Constitutional Convention Needed to Save the States

In a last ditch effort to stop the mortgaging of our future, to restrict the role of the federal government, and to put an end to the Socialization of "Free and Independent States" (T. Jefferson), the States of the Union and the legislative branches therein must vote to call for a Convention for Amending the Constitution of the United States.

There should be no talk of "flag burning amendments" or "abortion amendments"... what needs to be on the agenda is simple:

Whereas the Father of this Nation, George Washington, the First President
of these United States declared in his farewell address that the US Government need "avoid likewise the accumulation of debt, not only by shunning occasions of
expense, but by vigorous exertions in time of peace to discharge the debts

Whereas the increased debt of the Federal Government of these United States
violates the oaths of office, which swears to Protect and Defend these United
States, in such that the Federal Government has become too entangled in foreign
debt to ensure Domestic Security,

Whereas it is the role of one generation to secure stability for the next, and not vice-versa,

We move that the Constitution of the United States be amended to include the following text:

"No budget may be approved by any branch of the Federal Government that is
not balanced, no debt may be approved which exceeds a term of thirty years to be
paid in full

If there is not a balanced budget amendment, the "stimulus" pay-outs and redistribution will keep coming...

If this is not stopped, I would recommend the same state legislatures to amend their own state constitutions to include a secession clause - New Hampshire and 25 other states are already considering it:

Chuck Baldwin warns of such a convention, in that NWO Liberals would see this as a chance to erase the Constitution - but what that would do is tip the hands of the Big Government Socialists, and give just cause for regional control and a return to a truer union of Free and Indpendent States...


  1. where do we sign up? how do you get this moving? what's the hold up?

  2. RD - Constitutional Convention can be initiated by vote of the individual state legislatures - but you need two thirds of the states to call for the convention for it to take place - similar to the 2/3 vote of Congress, but a check to federal power.

    You can sign up by writing your STATE SENATOR or STATE REP - not those pesky federal guys... make the request in your own state, and suggest that family and friends in other states do the same. NH is on board - as are 23 other states... we need to get 35 or 36 states willing to vote yes to calling a convention. After the convention meets, the state legislatures in each state vote on approving the amendments.

    The hold up is that no one wants to put their political neck on the line - we have a "ruling class" that is little more than a bunch of turkeys looking out for the axe man... I say that we threaten them with opposition campaigns if they do not support such a measure to call a convention - it is the only way to keep the Feds in check!

  3. The states have already applied in sufficient number to cause a convention call. They have already applied on the issue of a balanced budget amendment in sufficient number to cause a convention call on that issue alone.

    Over 20 amendment issues have been submitted by the states already, many of which would address the problems of today. Indeed, as one reads the actual texts of the applications, one will be struck how early the states saw the problems we now face and tried to use their constitutional powers to deal with them. The reason there has been no convention call is the fault of Congress, not the states and certainly not the convention.

    As to Mr. Baldwin and his comments, I suggest that you realize Mr. Baldwin has only come out in political opposition to a balanced budget amendment. He is on public record as favoring many of the other amendment issues.

    You can read the texts of the applications at For the record, all 50 states have submitted over 700 applications for an Article V Convention, nearly 20 times the number (34) required for a convention call.

  4. Bill - not all 50 states have submitted application - Hawaii has not. the number of applications is irrelivent to the number of states applying - currently that number is only 32. Some states have revoked their application, but that does not mean it is off file at congress - no hard line rule about this.

    Chuck Baldwin indicates that if Ohio votes, then 34 will come right after - most likely from California...

    No one issue has raised sufficient support to call a convention, and I believe that there has to be a "general call" for the multitude of applications to be considered the 34 needed... That is why no convention has been called.

    We need to rally behind the cause of balanced budget... and work to get the few more - once the convention is called, all other items are fair game.

  5. Please post this link on your website. It is in regards to what the average
    citizen can do in order to acheive economic freedom and give the congress a civics lesson.

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