Monday, December 15, 2008

Who throws a shoe?... Honestly...

Forget being boo-ed... President Bush got Shoe-ed!

Iraqi TV reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi threw two shoes at President G.W. Bush's head while giving a farewell press conference in Baghdad, leading to his detainment and a question as to how to punish the man - though current reports indicate that he will merely be tried for "insulting the Iraqi state".

This is not the first time that Bush has been targeted by thrown objects - the most deadly was a grenade thrown in the Former Soviet state of Georgia a few years back.

This marks the end of Bush's Iraq war... a war in which he has gone from liberator to tyrant in the minds of the people of that country... media bias getting all the praise.

The Shoe Incident is getting much press all over Iraq, and protests have sprung up all over Baghdad in support of the "Iraqi Hero", calling for his release. al-Zaidi is being praised as a national hero by the people, who are angry over the civilian casualties associated with the war in Iraq.

Bush was obviously shaken by the incident, but attempted to shrug it off as a sign of progress in the war-torn country - indicating the freedom that the people feel to protest their government... a freedom not celebrated under Saddam.

I see it as humiliating to the United States... a literal footnote to the last eight years... Let us hope that the history books are kinder to Bush than al-Zaidi, and Iraqi public opinion.

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  1. Yep, your last paragraph pretty much nails it, Steven.

    "Mission accomplished."