Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in the End Times?

The rider upon the White Horse, sent out to conquest with the Standard of YHWH, not a bow as a weapon (a mistranslation)... the first seal reveals the conquest of the earth by peaceful means of ministry - sharing the truth of the Word of YHWH. The rider on the white horse is the beacon of truth in the Teachings of the King of Israel, the Son of YWHW, Yashuah Messiah, the Christ... it is the truth of Christ's Teachings - the conquest of peace throughout the world, the peace in knowing YHWH.

The rider upon the Red Horse spread knowledge to men about war and filled their hearts with the want to war. War was spread across the globe a hundred years ago, on a global level - and since the start of the great wars, man has perfected the art of war so much that peace is removed from the earth - all nations now must have armies of men ready to war - and there have been continued conflicts of massive war for over a hundred years... This rider was most effective.

The rider upon the Black Horse spread famine throughout the world... food rationed - lacking for large parts of the world. There is no shortage of food in the world, thanks to the United States - but there is a distribution problem - the UN Food program is largely ineffective, and areas where the food is most needed, food is often seized by warring factions - food as a weapon... more than the rider on the Black Horse could have dreamed of!

The rider upon the sickly Green Horse is Death, and death came to the lands of the world - Death by war, hunger, and sicknesses that are unstoppable. Death is upon the land, we are living in an age of death. The four spirits of heaven - the four horsemen - have ridden on the face of the earth, and in the bodies of men.

Is the book of Revelation the "ravings of a lunatic" - as Thomas Jefferson would have you believe? Is it a parable for the signs of the coming of the New Temple - YHWH's return to earth? Or is it a message to a warning of the self fulfilling prophecy of the end of civilization?

Some believe that we are living in the end times, as prophesized by John, others disagree. I would argue that there is compelling evidence to suggest that we are dangerously close to apocalyptic times... there are signs all around.

So why mix the end times with Christmas?

For a simple reason - faith and family.

Christmas may not be a holiday required in the commandments - but it is a time to remember the commandments. It is the time to prepare our souls - a reminder that we are to live Halleluyah, every day in praise to YHWH. It is not a day to covet, not a day to be gluttonous, not a day for pride, nor for sloth... it is a day to remind us of the sacrifices that YHWH has made on our behalf - that we could see the truth. Keep not just the holidays holy, but all days Holy in your heart... rest on the sabbath, rest on the day of remembrance - and use this time to reflect on the teachings of the gospel, the Word of YHWH, and to love your family with all your hearts.

In the worst of times, or the best of times, it is most important to keep the Word, and to live every day in Praise...

The end times are times to be feared - times of uncertainty... but there is hope in the hearts of all who seek the truth, the true Word.

Let not your hearts be troubled... Enjoy the Holy times. Live in praise - rejoice in YHWH.

And have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Great blog.

    You sure are "on track". :) All that seeking truth sure does seem to do you well.


  2. Oh, Bah Humbug. It's th' Last Days, and I wannt read somethin' DEPRESSIN', goldernit! So git back to it!