Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Final Post on Bail-outs... maybe

If there is any doubt that we are living in the dawn of Socialist America, you need look no further than the latest plan in "bail-outs" from the US Government - The Auto Industry Saga.

Congress and the White House have reached a plan that would allow $15Billion in loans from the "green car" fund, as well as give the US government major stock in the companies and oversight of their restructuring. The automobile manufacturing trio will be nationalized within the week...

The deal is so open ended that it is unclear as to if the US government will have voting rights on the companies' boards, how involved they will be during the bankruptcy style restructuring, and what role it will play in determining new products and marketing of their respective automobiles.

What is clear is that this "entity" known as the "government" is less "of the people, for the people, by the people" and more ruling class tending to their pleebs.

The people of America have been fooled... and I am almost tired of yelling it time and again - what good is it doing?

Don't the subjects of America, the consumers of this nation, understand that it has been excesses in LIBERAL ideas that have led the corporations across the nation to fail - not free market capitalism... FMC is taking the blame based solely on the assumption that a Republican is in office during this downfall, Republicans believe in FMC, therefore FMC has failed!


The truth is that the lack of ability for these banks and businesses to operate more freely, making sound business calls - not meeting government mandates - has led to this downfall. From forced loans made to live up to "houses for everyone", to government driven mandates on automobile standards (which may not be all bad), and namely Union Gestapo Thugs creating job banks, near full pay retirement benefits for life, etc... with some blame falling on CEO greed and inability of management to do just that... This is not FMC. This is government and Union intervention - mobster tactics from both...

And now the only way to survive these waters is to sell out to these interests... A mobsters dream!

And that is what the US Government has become to the free market - bullies, gangsters, thugs!

They set impossible rules, support impossible standards via unions, and then conduct violent take-overs of the companies when they fail...

Here is the solution:

  • The US government needs to STOP. We cannot sustain - and we should not allow the US Government to operate outside the roles of the Constitution - not even for one moment!
  • The auto makers need to file bankruptcy - shed all of their contracts with unions, and restructure... if the laborers want to strike, they lose their jobs... others will gladly take them in this recession/depression we are slipping into (or already in).
  • Trade Tariffs should be lifted or imposed to force other economies around the world to give these automobiles equal footing in world markets, and equally allow a fair market for other world automobiles on US soil - something that is generally done today in the US.
  • The companies should be allowed to thrive or fail based on their ability to follow market needs/wants... The industry giants became so because they gobbled up failures before them... If they also fail, they should downsize or eliminated based on the market.
  • The general laborer should educate themselves, and strive to better their situation should a lay-off come. Be prepared to take care of yourself and your family... doing so means personal responsibility... a term that is equally as targeted as FMC.
Our society is failing - not because freedom and liberty are failing - but because we are allowing the government to rule. Shame on us - or those of us who are doing nothing to stop it!

Inasmuch, I am tired of repeating the same message week after week... Am I living in a pipe dream - that FMC stands a chance - that liberty is a desire in the hearts of all Americans... that we all strive to be free...

Are we living in a society that would rather be protected, even if it is to the point of fear of our rulers in lack of civil liberties? Have I got it all wrong, and before my eyes America shifted into a Socialist Authoritarian State?

Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to yes...

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