Friday, December 5, 2008

Why Jindal may not be the Answer for the GOP

The Southern Avenger hits the nail on the head with this latest commentary... I have been skeptical about Bobby Jindal for some time, in that he is not yet proven to be Libertarian enough (small government, lower taxes, anti-imperialistic)... The GOP, as the SA puts it, does not need to decide on "More Moderate vs. More Conservative"... The decision is "More Libertarian vs. More Authoritarian"

So perhaps it will take more than 2-4 years for a GOP star to rise... on who is truly representative of Libertarian values, which as Regan said, are the Heart and Soul of the Republican Party.

h/t to the Southern Avenger.


  1. As useyul, att ol' Southern Avenger boy nails it. Thanks fir postin'-iss.

  2. P.S.: Neocons kowtowin' t' a Jindal candidacy cuz he's a minority, like Obama, sorta reminds me of-att scene from th' Coen brothers movie O Brother Where Art Thou, gubernatorial incumbent Pappy O'Daniel's campaign-advisor son suggests that in order fir O'Daniel t' compete in th' race 'ginst challenger Homer Stokes, he should hire an even smaller dwarf than Stokes did (who is using a dwarf as an integral component of his campaign for the 'little man'). "Why we'd look like a bunch of johnny-come-latelies," O'Daniel snaps, "braggin' on our own midget--no matter how stumpy."