Friday, August 1, 2008

Salazar, Obama, Pelosi, and Democrats - WRONG for America!

The Democrats have a vision for America... an America that is free from oil, free from carbon emissions, free from pollution of any kind. As I tend to agree that it should be our goal to explore alternative means of producing energy in the United States, there is no way that it can be done entirely before 15-20 years.

Attempting to force a change in the source of energy by purposefully limiting the supply of oil, by restricting access to oil exploration - shale or offshore reserves - is directly responsible for high gas prices, high oil prices, and increased speculation in the oil market.

Based on a recent study, the US will empty all currently tapped wells in the next 40-60 years... Imagine the sound of the last well sucking up the last drop of oil - like a kid sucking at a straw in an empty cup... slurp - and the oil era is over.

But what the democrats fail to realize is that the average citizen cannot continue to be self sufficient, cannot support their family or their way of life, cannot live freely without allowing the market to explore and provide a need. The Democrat plan is to cause an economic tragedy in America in order to move their Green agenda forward - progress at all costs! But while standing at the edge of a cliff, a step forward is NOT progress! It is suicide.

And suicide is exactly what the "citizens of the word" party are hoping that America commits. They believe it is our destiny... and only the worthy Prius-ites and wealthy elites deserve to come out on the other side.

The United States holds more oil in Shale Oil than the entire Saudi Oil Reserve... We have untold masses of the black gold in offshore reserves... We can have a dual agenda - sustain our economy while planning for the future... however, democrats are unwilling to save our economy.

How unwilling? Watch this short clip between Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Colorado Democratic Senator Ken Salazar. Republican Senator McConnell is attempting to add a trigger to an offshore exploration bill - attempting to define an Economic Emergency.

He states $4.50 a gallon is an economic emergency... Salazar objects...
He states $5.00 is therefore an economic emergency... Salazar objects, suggesting that drilling for oil supply is a phantom solution to oil shortage...
He states $7.50 must, then, be considered an economic emergency... Salazar objects...
He states $10.00 HAS to be considered an economic emergency, allowing drilling exploration to occur in order to provide supply to the citizens of the United States in need of relief... Salazar objects...

Salazar, representing the unity voice of the Democratic Party, their ideals and beliefs going into the 2008 election, states clearly that drilling for oil is a phantom solution to meeting demand for oil. They believe that increasing supply is not the means to meet demand...

The democrats would rather see Americans poor and penniless, unable to even drive to work, than add any longevity to the oil era in the US.

Democratic Senator Ken Salazar suggests that the best option for Americans is to suffer through $10 a gallon gasoline in order to realize his vision. No duality. No parallel development... only obscene poverty and economic destruction.

Watch this video two or three times. Listen to the words used by Salazar and the "We know better than you" elitist Democrats... Do nothing, even at $10 a gallon. This is the party that we MUST defeat in 2008.

Mark Udall is MORE LIBERAL than Salazar. Udall would have possibly suggested objections at $20 or $25 a gallon gasoline. Mark Udall must lose to Bob Schaffer.

Barack Obama is MORE LIBERAL than Mark Udall. Barack Obama would suggest checking the air pressure in your tires as a solution - stating that it would save as much oil as these oil exploration plans are suggesting they would bring in (watch this video) - ignorant and false - but not discussed by the MSM swooners.

The win in 2008 is going to come to the GOP if they can clearly get the message out. Stick the oil prices where they rightly belong - on the shoulders of the Democrats. Democrats are obstructing the ability for the free market to increase supply, homeland supply, and are directly responsible for two things:

1. $4.00 a gallon (or higher if they get their way) gasoline
2. Trillions of dollars being shipped to the middle east, where they are not afraid to supply - or to fund radical ideology aimed at the destruction of the US.

This final video is the message that needs to be seen in every household, shown at every polling place, seen by every voter... The GOP attempting to make it stick - the Pelosi Premium.

The three videos here are enough to clearly show the intent and will of the Democratic party. They clearly intend to do irreparable damage to the US economy in order to push their agenda. There is never compromise... there is never good will towards the citizens. It is simply there way or the highway... er... bike-lane?

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