Monday, August 4, 2008

Democrats Angry Over McCain Tactic - Exposing Obama

In talking with Democrats and Independents who are starting to take notice of the presidential campaign, there is a general sense of unease regarding "the same old political moves" - which is how Obama is countering McCain's attacks.

But is McCain attacking, or using satire to finally get people talking about Barack? Obama has been given a free pass by the MSM News Corps who have been unwilling and unwanting to question Obama's ability to lead, his political gaffes, his personal acquaintances, the things he says, the things his wife says, etc etc. There has been no debate of substance... only a pre-anointing.

Also, whereas Obama refuses to meet McCain one-on-one to discuss the issues in a town-hall style debate, McCain is forced to bring the debate to Obama. And this tactic is working. Obama has lost a major lead in the national polls (see daily tracking graph), and Rasmussen's daily poll is showing McCain leading Obama 47% to 46% (including those "leaners" who are yet undecided).

McCain is attempting to show how bizarre the love relationship is with Obama and the media, and Obama with himself. Watching this McCain ad, titled "The One", shows a series of Obama speeches in which he declares himself the savior of the nation and the savior of the world. Someone who believes that he does no wrong, and can do no wrong is someone we should all fear as a leader of this nation.

Specifically, Obama and his supporters are outraged that McCain would release an ad suggesting that Obama is responsible for inflated fuel prices. The ad asks who is responsible, then a chanting crowd yelling "Obama... Obama" with Barack's picture comes up... The question is not if Obama is directly responsible... it is the politics of him and his party... the very party willing to let gas prices reach $10 a gallon without any action to allow the free market to provide supply in an attempt to stabilize speculation. Obamanites don't see that Obama is wrong on energy - taxing "windfall profits" for distribution to the people. This plan will increase fuel prices - taking money away from oil companies who need profit to expand production, and distribute the money in the form of a rebate - ultimately making it impossible for the oil companies to increase production in the US.

Look - I have not been a huge fan of George W. Bush recently, setting a precedent for "rebate entitlements"... giving money where no money is earned... and doing nothing to curb spending in DC or to minimize the growth of government. He has dropped the flag of the Republican Party, and forgotten the marching orders of limited government and lower taxes. But where Bush stops, Obama is going to continue... using big government ideas (and the battle-cry of entitlements) to solve the problems in this nation. Never have I witnessed the government solving a problem better than the innovative free market... It is impossible... Unless that task is to tax and regulate thought and action through taxation.

So if McCain is forced to bring Obama out of the media shadows and into the light by using satire and controversial methods... so be it. The tactic is working. Americans are starting to educate themselves, and they are noticing that the textbook of Obama is clearly lacking content!

(Take a look at some of the other McCain ads currently being released)

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  1. Quick question, but a little off topic, What would you do if McCain chooses Romney as his VP choice? I know that you were really anti Romney in the primaries, so I was wondering what you thought.

  2. Matt - To answer your question, I would have to think long and hard about my options. Knowing what Obama will do to this country, I may be able to cast a McCain/Romney vote against Obama.

    The great thing about my involvement in the primaries was that I was supporting a candidate, and casting a vote for an ideal... As is usually the case, a majority of people must change their voting habits in the general election and cast a vote "for the lesser of two evils", or against another candidate. Once we have our nominee, in this two party system, the general election is usually picking the best vessel for your politics from the two candidates left standing... IN this Case McCain, regardless of his Veep pick.

    However, I think he loses an upperhand by picking Romney over Palin... She is young, fresh, and puts a new face on Republican Politics!