Saturday, August 30, 2008

Democrats: Palin a Bad Choice for Us :(

As I am blogging from Seattle, a very safe haven for the liberal left, it is an interesting perspective to hear the direct thoughts of the reaction to Palin - most notably that Palin is a great choice for McCain, but a bad choice for the Left.

Why a bad choice for the left?

Anyone who has been reading the blog entries I have posted about Palin knows a little something about her - but the left fears Palin on McCain's ticket for a number of reasons:

1. Youth and Beauty - She is a young and attractive woman, giving breath to the youth in the party - a youth that Obama was supposed to have swooped in and offered to take away to his Utopian America. Palin is two years younger than Obama - and has the ability to attract young independent women away from Obama. She represents something new for conservative women - a change, perhaps?

2. Maverick - A McCain/Palin ticket represents a true reform in the Republican Party. There is NO WAY that democrats are going to be able to pin Bush onto Palin - and Palin's style of Maverick Politics further refutes the "McSame" argument. Palin, who ripped out the guts of the corrupt Alaskan Republican Party, represents reform in the GOP. It scares some in the GOP - but two reformers leading the GOP smells like hope and change to Independents weary of the Good-Ol-Boys network in the GOP... change from the GOP of today to the GOP of the future means a return to Core Republican Values of small government and accountability. Change, indeed.

3. Conservatism - Palin is the true conservative/libertarian vote. She has all the qualifications to pass the "conservative test" with flying colors - family, faith, firearms, freedom. As a mother of 5, she shows her strong commitment to family values, especially for the Right to Life movement (ensuring a wonderful life for Trig, her newborn son who is afflicted with Downs). She is the conservative choice that can re-energize the base of the GOP - and this is what scares the Dems most.

Of course the list goes on. As America comes to know, and love, their next VP, we will see more and more why McCain and Palin are the best choice for America. As for me, I will enjoy reading the headlines stolen away from Obama and his Obamopolis speech, in favor of how McCain has just shaken things up in 2008.

CNN: Palin: Pioneer, Maverick - and now game changer
Seattle Times: Why McCain's VP choice is a Gamble for the GOP
NY Times: Palin, an Outsider who Charms
Fox News: McCain Names Alaska Gov as Running Mate

Democrats are going to attack Palin on experience (Ironic), but Palin, as she stated in her introduction speech, is the Commander in Chief of the Alaskan National Guard. She is the Chief Executive of the State of Alaska. Her political history is in the executive branch - and if Obama is going to state that small town America does not count (as we bitterly cling to our guns and faith), then he is going to have to realize that America IS small town! Where Obama has two years in the Senate, Palin has two years as the Head of the State of Alaska. In my book, two years of Executive experience trumps two years of legislative experience - and one must remember that Palin is number two on the ticket... ready to "be ready to lead"...

Democrats are going to attack Palin on Foreign Policy - however, as the Governor of Alaska, Palin has to work directly with the Russian government, and the Canadian government for affairs that impact her state - such as Fishing and Energy. She has executive experience in dealing directly with foreign heads of state (or their delegates) - which is more than Obama can say. She has been to Iraq to visit HER National Guard troops - not play basket ball with some well troops while shunning the injured troops because no flash photography is allowed. I would argue that she has plenty of foreign policy experience to take the number two spot on the ticket - especially since she has more FP experience than the democrat number one spot!

Democrats are going to attack her on being a pro-life woman. I say let them. If the Democrats want to fight the social conservative fight, the GOP will win every time. History has shown that on social issues, Americans are by and large conservative. If the left intends to paint conservatives as vile (as they tend to try), they are going to see themselves isolated on the left.

John McCain has made the right choice; the choice that should mend ties with Social Conservatives; the choice that should bring the youth vote and the female vote back into play for the GOP.

There will be a LOT of spin out there by the left - CNN has already called her a "Gun Toting Pro-Lifer" - But there is not enough spin out there to spoil the race.

And that is what we have now - A race!


  1. 'L, here's th' other side of th' story. Note wut McCain insiders're sayin' 'ccordin' t' this here article"

    The Palin pick dohn't necessarily make the ticket a shoe-in. Not yet anyhow.

    Snaggle-Tooth Jones, Rocky Mountain Rebel banned by the Rocky Mountain Right

  2. I like Palin better than McCain's other VP contenders (especially Lieberman). She wears her baby in the sling! She's a proud mother and a powerful politician at the same time, and that's awesome.

    However, the polls this week show Obama ahead by more than ever.

    The liberal bloggers are annoying the way they scorn her for being pro-life and *gasp* supporting of Creationism taught in school.

    I don't think she is as prepared for Presidency as Obama, though. She doesn't have the team behind her that he does. If McCain dies, she's going to be President suddenly, at the head of a team of people older than she who may or may not respect her. I worry that she could be set up for failure as the first female president.

  3. Palin gets the libertarian vote? what are you kidding me?

  4. Palin is great for the Left, real fodder for the cannon. The story I am now hearing is "McCain will lie cheat, and even appoint a nobody to win this election." That's the story that is sticking. Tragically, Palin's down-home-hockey-mom image is hardly presidential, and feeds right into this line of thought.

    What was McCain thinking? I might actually believe this is a polictical stunt. Why not Romney?? UGH. Now we maybe get ombanation.