Friday, August 15, 2008



  1. Steven -- I want to let you know I published a post this afternoon which cites this post as the source of this scare. I also included an update featuring information provided by Dan Little, a man who knows about trucking.
    So, tell me one thing: Is this story something you dreamed up? If not, who's your source?

  2. The article, as published by me, is based on a discussion I had with a County Sheriff's Deputy undergoing work as part of the greater effort to "backfill" jurisdictions for the DNC. He stated that this was briefed to his group by the local FBI.

    As I stated, I was still looking into this story, but posted it to ascertain any additional information if anyone else had heard similar stories.

    I appreciate Dan's input, and will continue to press for any more information on this story. As I do not know how the trucking business works, I do appreciate Dan's input.