Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Before the results, my thoughts on Super Tuesday II

This could very well be my last post on Mike Huckabee and his bid for the GOP longshot nomination. Mike Huckabee's remaining in the race has been for the sole purposes of giving conservatives a voice as McCain moved towards the nomination. Pulling in 41% in Virginia and 38% in Wisconsin should be enough of a message to John McCain that he needs to pick a cabinet, and run a White House that will not isolate the conservative movement.

We will have from tomorrow until November to determine if John McCain is going to reach out to the right as hard as he has reached out to the left.

Regarding today... can Mike Huckabee pull an upset? With Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont on the chopping block, I see Huckabee doing well in Texas alone... the rest will go to McCain overwhelmingly... likely giving McCain his required delegates to secure the nomination. But I have to give Mike Huckabee kudos for running an honest, positive, and on message campaign, while sticking to his word that he would stay in it to ensure the conservatives have a voice.

I'm not eulogizing Huckabee's campaign yet... but regardless of the outcome, I have much respect for the man, for his message, and his willingness to listen to the people, the bloggers, and the late night comedians... which has always been entertaining.

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