Thursday, March 6, 2008

The purpose of all things

As a community of bloggers, citizens of the internet, we tend to spend much time analyzing and prognosticating... discussing issues and arguing the meaning of results... the free exchange of intellectual thoughts and ideas... sharing ourselves for a common cause. A cause protected by the Constitution... endowed as an inalienable right... Liberty... freedom to think... freedom to speak.

As we move forward through the political waters, I am reminded on a number of occasions that spiritual growth is essential as a part of personal growth.

So I thought this was a perfect place to share my thoughts on praise...

When I prepared the funeral for my Best Friend's father, Skip Hildebrand, I found myself in prayer... prayer that I could find the words within myself to capture the nature of Skip's spirit. While I was in prayer, I was reminded of Skip's obsession with lighthouses... and I thought of what these towers of light represent. Hope, for the ships lost at sea that land is nearby. Warning, that ships tossed about on the sea should heed the warning of the rocks which will surely break them. And Faith in Fellow Man, that it is our natural instinct to protect one another against all adversity. I wrote a moving eulogy, which was reinforced later that day. After reading the Biblical passages and words in memory of his father, my best friend played for me his father's favorite song... Kathy Troccoli's "Go Light Your World". I broke down in tears and exalted the Creator for allowing me to find the words, for answering my prayers, and for letting me know that no truer words could be spoken about the soul of Skip Hildebrand. There is no feeling like the one when you realize that you are in tune with the Creator, and doing His will.

That was a long four years ago... and though I find myself in meditation daily, and searching for the next mission or sign that I am living my life in a way that is right with the Teacher, the miracles are few and far between, though the signs are in abundance (and I am blessed that I recognize them). I am blessed with family, friends, health, and the ability to pray and meditate freely. I am blessed that by June I will be a father of a precious little girl. I am blessed that I am part of a community of thinkers able to understand and discuss. I am even blessed that my life was touched by a wonderful addition of our rescued dog, Sadie... who is a beautiful soul!

The point that I am trying to make is that all things have a purpose. The rise and fall of country and men... all for a purpose. The gaining or loss of wealth... all for a purpose. There is a time to every purpose under heaven. The purpose of man is to rejoice and do good in his life, and know that the fruits of his labour are the gifts from the Creator, our Father in Heaven, YHWH.

In all that we do, let us sing praise to the Father. Let us not worship, but thank. Let us not idolize, but emulate. Let us know that the strength we find beating in our hearts is the love of the Divine.

Let us each take a moment every day, not to ask for miracles, but to thank our Creator for the miracles around us... Let us raise our hearts and voices in praise... הַלְלוּיָהּ ... Halleluyah

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  1. I enjoy the way you articulate yourself about so many things. Thanks for sharing, and many blessings as you guys prepare for the arrival of the new addition to your family!