Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Democrats Play the Fool, while McCain gets Presidential

John McCain, seen in this picture with Lieberman at the West wall in J'lem, has taken a huge advantage in his early nomination from the GOP and begun an international tour. He recently met with the military leaders in Iraq, made a public statement regarding Iran from Iraq, visited with leaders in countries like Jordan and Israel, and is giving policy speeches on the future of the Middle East and US involvement in the area. In the hearts and minds of the people of the area, this visit is seen as that of the next President of the United States.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Obama is left to make apologetic speeches about his pastor "damning" America, and Clinton is left giving her feedback on the strength of Barack's speech.

The longer that the two democrats continue this epic battle, the less time they will have to start strengthening foreign relations... the very thing they both promised, but neither one is able to do...

All the while, McCain is doing a great job of showing his strength on foreign affairs.

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