Friday, October 5, 2007

Back from a much needed vacation

Sometimes it is essential to get away! Especially when my little sister announces that she is getting married! So a week in Maui has kept me from blogging, and from updating everyone on my other site.

For those of you who have asked to be invited to the "invite only" blog of Colorado 4 Huckabee, know that it is no longer an active site being operated by me. I have had one offer to transfer, so perhaps that will be taken care of sooner rather than later. The reason for the shut-down was not because of my lack of support for Mike Huckabee, but rather a new position to which I was elected - Secretary of the Douglas County GOP, where the bylaws restrict me, as an officer, of endorsing or supporting any candidates before the primaries. Once the blog is transferred, it will be public again, but run by another source.

As far as other political events... like I said, I took a well needed vacation, where I insisted that I remove myself from political news for the entire week. It looks like I really didnt miss anything...The 3rd qtr FEC numbers came in, but I have yet to look at all the candidates. I did hear that Taiwan is once again formally though unofficially declaring their independence... this time by officially changing their unofficial name to just Taiwan... no mention of China... This could be interesting... perhaps Taiwan is using the 2008 Olympics as their open door to declare Independence, knowing that the Olympic games will not be held in beijing if China decimates their island nation! Good Move Taiwan!

I will get back on track tomorrow, with great new blogs, and a refreshed look on life! I love Maui! It is a perfect place to go to refill the soul!

Cheers and god Bless!

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  1. Hey man. Hate to see that you're not running CO for Huckabee any longer. I was scared that you were no longer a supporter, but this post answered my question.
    Of course, having been there myself, there is a difference between using your office to support a candidate and simply supporting a candidate. So long as it's kept clear that you are speaking for yourself and not as a representative of the party structure you should be fine. You don't give up your individual right to an opinion.
    And don't get me wrong, your choice is your choice and it's cool. I just hope it was voluntary and not "forced" upon you by a misinterpretation of the rules.
    Congrats to your sister!