Thursday, October 11, 2007

Find Your Perfect Candidate

I was forwarded a link to an USA Today "game" in which you are matched up with the candidate who most closely agrees with you on certain issues.

The way it works is that you answer a series of questions, then rate the level of importance. The level of importance is necessary because the way the answers are presented do not always seem to give you EVERY option available, rather a mix of certain quotes by the candidates.

My results were pretty predictable, though I figured that Bill Richardson would have been higher due to his stance on renewable energy... but it looks like USA Today is not giving him credit for renewable energy, instead they are sticking him solely with "carbon caps". So there are some flaws, but otherwise the results are pretty close.

My results are as follows. Click the image to take the test for yourself, and leave a comment on who your top three were!

(This poll is not showing an endorsement of any one candidate, rather the results of a poll showing issues alignment)


  1. Original Test:

    Huck, Mitt, Rudy

    After sliders:

    Huck, Tanc, Mitt

    (It was marriage, not immigration, that elevated Tanc and dropped Rudy.)

  2. Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul.

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  5. My results were: Mitt, Mike, and Fred. Unless you count myself;-)

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