Monday, October 22, 2007

Louisiana Tired of Do-Nothing Democrats?

The nation's youngest governor in history, and the first non-white governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction is 36 year old Republican, Bobby Jindal. Jindal received 53% of the vote in a race where 11 candidates duked it out for control of the post-Katrina state.

This event is significant for so many reasons... the biggest is that the people of the state are so tired of their local Democratic leadership's inability to solve the problems of the state after the Katrina disaster that they are overwhelmingly ready for party change.

How overwhelming and what is the significance? Jindal received 625,000 votes (53%), where the next closest candidate received 209,000 (18%). The remaining field (other than Jindal) split the votes between multiple Democrats and Independents, but no one clear alternative to Jindal and his leadership came about.

We are seeing the same frustration with the members of the US House and Senate, as their numbers remain in the low teens.

And with the 2008 presidential race on the front of everyone's minds, we have to look into message, content, and most importantly their ability for action.

With Democrats and Independents upset about the Pelosi/Reid do-nothing approach to leading the US Congress, and the results rippling into Democratic strong states like Louisiana, could we be looking for a Republican upset in 2008?

I say yes. The Democrats laid all their cards on the table in 2006. The US has taken this year to realise that Jokers are not wild, and that a pair of 4's does not beat a pair of Aces. I am not saying that Republican leadership is without fault, but the loss in 2006 has been cause for introspection, and in doing so the party is beginning to see the importance of being strong conservative action takers.

The outcome of the election in Louisiana should be closely observed... It may be foretelling of the attitude towards Democratic talking heads, and may be an indicator of how the 2008 election will go!

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God Bless.

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