Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California is Burning...Santa Ana's Destroy SoCal

Images of uncontrollable flames tell a story of a Southern California that is in the fight for it's life, one it will long remember.

Over a half million people have been evacuated, the Governor has declared a state of emergency, and National Guard troops from all over the nation are on their way to help stop the uncontrollable fires.

With the loss of property, homes, and the enormous cost that is going to go into dealing with this natural disaster, one cannot help but wonder if the terrorist minds are paying attention. Imagine the satisfaction on their part of starting small fires, and letting Santa Ana take care of the rest?!? And one cannot help but wonder how a tragedy of this caliber can be avoided in the future. With the inability to protect against natural occurences, it is questionable that such a human attack could be avoided either.

As we sit and watch in horror as California is helplessly burned to the ground by the wrath of God, it would behoove us all to say a prayer for the residents who are victims of the fire, as well as for the cities choked by the smoke.

God Bless

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