Monday, September 24, 2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: We are the same...

According to the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking from Columbia University, the Iranian people and the citizens of the US are the same and should be friends... if it wasn't for that pesky little Jewish state of Israel!
He said that he does not directly call for the destruction of the Jewish state, but for the Jews of Israel to live under Islamic rule of the Palestinians... much like Jews live under the Islamic Regime of Iran peacefully...
He believes that peace and freedom is limited to anyone who is non-Jewish... and I am sure that under his breath he said non-Christian too!
And he firmly believes that women in his country are more free than women anywhere else in the world.
Where I do agree with him is that if the problems with Israel would stop, then the middle east would be in peace... He believed that the region was at more of a peace before the 1948 creation of Israel... what he doesn't realize is that the British and French ruled the region at that time... and it was not until they left pinheads like him in charge of themselves that all the problems of the modern day middle east began.
So, I agree... all of the middle eastern countries should forfeit all of their power to the US, British, and French governments... let us go back to ruling them.
Or perhaps they should all "stop the problems with Israel" by leaving them alone. Israel is trying to defend itself... if there wasn't an outside force calling for it's destruction, Israel would not have to be in a constant state of war!
"President"... Stop your lies... your truth came out even after you attempted to sidestep the questions. You are an ignorant man... Hell, you believe that "the phenomenon of homosexuality" does not exist in your country... and that your subversion of women is because you respect them so much as the mothers of Iran.
I say to you, BAH! Your ambitions of world domination and submission of the Jews are very much in line with the psychotic pipedreams of Adolf Hitler... and your fellow countryman along with you!
You will never truly understand freedom... you will always represent the worst parts of human nature.

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