Friday, July 20, 2007

President Richard Cheney... for a day, anyway...

Tomorrow, without the bells and whistles of an inauguration, President Bush will hand over the presidential powers to Richard Cheney. Per section 3 of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, when the president succumbs to a disability, or can no longer hold the seat for health reasons, the Vice President can take control of the Executive Branch until the (ousted) president notifies authorities that he is able to resume his post.

Why the shift of power? The president will be under anesthesia for colon cancer screening for up to two hours.

Yup... We all knew that we would have to take it up the rear when Cheney becomes President... and Bush is 1st in line... (that is a plug for all of my liberal readers)

What policy changes can we expect to see? Perhaps Cheney will take this opportunity to pardon the border agents?... perhaps sign a peace treaty with Cuba?... or perhaps, maybe, just maybe, he will authorize full dictatorial powers to the office of the president under Presidential Directive 51!!! What can we expect from the 44th president in his 2 hour long reign?

Most likely nothing... but I have my fingers crossed for chaos...

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  1. hillarious...another dick in the white house...anyways... check out the video i made...its on my blog and you tube...we should flood you tube with videos of mike and such...