Monday, July 2, 2007

The Ever Changing 2008 Presidential Election

This election season is more exciting to me than a 10 year old waiting to see the new Harry Potter Movie... Every day there is something that looks to be a new wrench in the cogs!

Let's take a look at the situation, and the excitement!

- Clinton and Rudy are leading the polling for eitehr party... two NY Liberals.

- McCain has all but lost any chance of winning the nomination due to his poor immigration bill, as well as his (what I like to call) "crazy old man" outbursts of late.

- Clinton and Obama are battling it out over the internet... via YouTube.

- The underdog candidates on the Democratic side are flickering out like candles in the wind, yet trying to hold on with everything they have got (i.e. Dodd's "Dodd Ammendment" to a spending bill, requiring a 30 day timetable for Iraq retreat)

- Most of the underdog candidates on the Republican side are losing steam, and flip-flopping on issues like immigration (i.e. Brownback's amazing 11 minute flip-flop on the senate floor)

- Huckabee is gaining in the polls...

- Fred Thompson is STILL keeping everyone on the edge of their seats while he makes up his mind about a run... meanwhile everyone else is making actual decisions (so how can we elect such an indecisive candidate? You are in or out...)

- Bloomberg goes Independent, shaping the potential for a three party election, all candidates will happen to be from New York. Bloomberg's presence in the race will be a hit to the Dems, as he will cater to the Democratic base... but if Rudy is the Republican nominee, GOP-ers may vote third party to send a message to the RNC.

- Ralph Nader has mentioned that he plans to run in this race... most likely (I think) to upset Clinton.

- and finally... Al Gore looks to enter the race!

Al Gore visit postponed
Former US vice president Al Gore will not be able to make it to Taiwan
this September to address the issue of global warming, Democratic Progressive
Party Legislator Tien Chiu-chin (田秋堇) said yesterday. Tien, who invited Gore to
visit Taiwan to promote awareness on global warming, told reporters yesterday
that she received an e-mail from the Harry Walker Agency, which has the
exclusive right to arrange Gore's speeches, saying that Gore had canceled all
his scheduled events in the next six months. The visit to Taiwan had been
postponed to next year, she added. Tien said the reason for the cancelation was
that Gore was considering a presidential bid.

Thanks to GOPBloggers for turning my attnetion to this article in the Taipei Times... but it looks like Al Gore may be more upset than the Republicans that Hillary is doing so well... And as a side note, I heard that Bill wants Gore to enter the race...

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