Tuesday, July 3, 2007

231 Years... Happy Birthday America

231 years ago, there was a spark that ignited a fire... a fire that would ultimately forge the steel foundations for a country with resolve... a new nation rising up from the ashes of tyranny, like the majestic phoenix... As such, the government that has since been founded must learn from the mistakes of past failed governments, or as the cycle of the phoenix, suffer the same fate.

Government, as an entity, has but one purpose... however "free" the ideology of a democratic-republic may make us feel, the fact is that a government set apart from the people has the power to rule the people.

And so, 231 years after the great phoenix that was this budding democracy so gracefully sprang forth from the ashes of tyranny, do We the People of this great nation find ourselves at the mercy of yet another overbearing and unrepresentative government?

I pose a simple question... has the dream been lost?

Or is there hope that the people of this country can realize the err in their direction, and cast off the corruption found in their leaders? Is there that glimmer of a chance that as this phoenix burns, we can rise up, a great nation with new potential... with true freedom from fear of our own government... that the nation will stand in defense of our enemies, but allow freedoms within our own borders?

Is there hope that the once great roar found in the words of the founding fathers, that roar which has since been silenced to a whisper by lack of conviction out of our fellow man... is there hope that these words are not lost, and that the idea of this great nation, where man can be free, is still within our grasp?

In a nation where "fairness must be legislated" (Clinton-D-New York) and the day of our Independence has become a day for "4th of July Sales" and fireworks, I have to ask these questions... And I hope that you are all asking the same.

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