Friday, July 20, 2007

At what age should I allow an educator to teach my child about SEX?

Well, Barack Obama (Democratic Presidential Candidate) is convinced that 5 years old is a great time to start teaching children sex education... In Kindergarten! I think my first sex education class was in 7th or 8th grade... and I turned out JUST FINE. Why is it so important for the socialist-liberals to start infecting our children at such a young age... oh... that is right... so that they can ensure THEIR policies are ingrained.

07/19 - Senator Barack Obama continues to take heat for comments he made at the Planned Parenthood conference in DC on Tuesday about sex education in public schools. In response to a question about "age-appropriate" sex education Obama recalled having been attacked in his US Senate campaign by Alan Keyes for advocating "sex education for kindergarteners." Obama followed that with the assertion, "but it’s the right thing to do to provide age-appropriate sex education, science-based sex education in the schools."

The Obama campaign has been at pains to explain that the candidate thinks that
"age-appropriate" sex education for young children would be made up of teaching
them that it is inappropriate for others to touch them.

Governor Romney has wasted little time incorporating criticism of this into his
rhetoric in press releases and in his public remarks. Last night in Colorado
Springs, CO (very helpfully and promptly
posted by the campaign on YouTube) he said that as governor he had never been approached by a parent "you know what, governor, I am concerned about something ...I don't think our kids are learning enough about sex. I never heard that. So I was shocked to hear that he thinks we need to have sex education in kindergarten." Romney went on to add, "how much sex education is appropriate for a five year old? In my opinion zero is the right amount."

For once I agree with Mitt Romney... Parents should teach their children about inappropriate touching at a young age... keep the bananas and condoms out of kindergarten!

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  1. Nobody said anything about bananas and condoms. We don't need hyperbole in such a critical discussion