Monday, July 9, 2007

Middle East - Ticking Time Bomb

The ever evolving conflict in the Middle East has taken yet another turn. Al Qaeda has given a two month ultimatum to the Iranian government to cease all ties to the Iraqi Shiite government or face war.

This is the "spilling over" that we had been warning neighbors in the region about... so by arming radical elements and funding their operations, even if just the US, is now going to start spilling across international borders.

This is at the same time when Iraqi politicians are invoking the US second amendment, and urging the citizens to take arms and defend themselves, as a last line of defense against criminals and terrorists. In the wake of the deadly attacks over the weekend, one which killed over a hundred innocent civilians, the Iraqi government has finally asked the people to start taking responsibility for their own safety... (this may be the first step in them understanding the need to fight for their own survival and freedom, and stop depending on the government for a socialist solution)

So as the US is in a showdown this week, where the answer may be given as to when the US will be pulling battle forces out of Iraq, the tensions in the region are escalating... perhaps in anticipation of the US withdrawl. The US congress is debating a defense spending bill, and with Republicans jumping off of the President's war-wagon, it is likely that we will have a timetable for troop withdrawl... What this will look like, what bases will remain, what forces will remain is all to be decided.

What I see as happening if the US withdraws all forces, bases, etc, is as follows:
  • Al Qaeda makes good on their promises to attack Iran
  • Iran invades Iraq as a response, since Iran houses the terrorist group
  • Turkey invades Iraq from the north to secure northern oil fields in the wake of the Iranian invasion
  • Iraqi-Sunnis begin fighting Shiites who support the Iranian invaders (this is already taking place)
  • Syria and Jordan move forces into the Iraqi desert to secure their borders, and ensuring the violence and/or the Iranians do not move into their country.
  • Iraqi government surrenders to invading forces, agrees to disband and divide country to newly recognized borders.
  • US liberals begin outcry as to the lack of our involvement in the humanitarian crisis during this war
I have suggested 7 events that may take place due to our withdrawl in the face of escalating international pressures. Each event is a cascade from the previous event... and it only makes sense considering the current tensions bundled with the previous hostilities between the regional neighbors...

The point is that the people of Iraq are at the point where they see the necessity defend themselves, thus building a sense of national pride and will to self govern... and that Al Qaeda, seeing the potential for a wider regional conflict, is willing to pull Iran into this knowing that it will increase the body count... and the US is powerless throughout this entire unfolding because we have been emasculated by socialist-world-government-liberal-Americans.

It is like a choose your own adventure book... Total chaos by US withdrawl, or an increasing sense of stability by US presence?

Hell, we are still in Germany and Japan after more than 60 years of post WWII peace... what about that don't the Liberals understand? Stability takes time, and American Unity...

God Bless...

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  1. Update: Iraqi foreign minister has announced that the Turkish Government has massed 140,000 troops at their southern border (along Iraq's northern border). Get ready to check that one off the list!

    He has also said that the withdrawl of US forces would cause a power vacuum, and the ultimate collapse of the state of Iraq.

    Here we go! Let's hope that the US lawmakers, citizens, and news media will allow the military to complete their job function in stabilizing Iraq... they want nothing more than a failure so they can gain control of America in the next elections... that is their only goal... absolute power... f-ing commies!