Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From Sea to Shining "Si"

Since the second failure of the Immigration "Reform" bill, the immigration front has been all too quiet. I have searched headlines, international and political news stories... but to no avail...

So, my friends, have we won the battle but lost the war?

If our only offense is the defense against amnesty, then I think that is the very essence of losing this battle.

Now that we have the pro-illegal group on their heels, it is time to deliver the knock-out punches to put this issue to bed once and for all. We should be pushing the issue of starting construction on the wall (not fence) along the border... we should be pushing for an increase in armed National Guard troops along the border to stop the flow while the wall is being built... and we should have a Senator or Representative propose a new bill... the "Mexican Repatriation Bill", similar to the Repatriation performed during the Great Depression.

"Extremist"... I can hear the screams now! but what we are asking for is the law be enforced... and a bill of such nature would be an avenue with which to carry out the current laws...

With current US immigration laws, anyone coming into the US illegally will be prosecuted, and lose any ability to legally come back into the United States... so as a compromise, the Repatriation Act could have a clause stating that "All repatriated Mexicans may chose to return to the United States and file for citizenship through legal channels, so long as the applicants have no history of gang affiliation or criminal records at home or in the United States"... I am not anti-immigrant, just anti-illegal!

One thing that we would have to do differently than in the 1930's, of course, is to ensure that the public knows that we are not deporting ANY legal citizens, and that (even though this would be a futile statement... cause you KNOW it will come up) this is NOT a racist / race-cleansing deportation... rather a legal move to control those who are in our country.

As a part of the R.A., I would also suggest the "Employer Consequence Amendment"... stating that any employer who knowingly hires illegal immigrants will face harsh fines, and possibly jail time... the same should go for city officials in "Sanctuary Cities"...

If we don't continue the charge against the illegal immigration racket, we will surely lose this war!


God Bless!

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