Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something Fishy in Nevada

Every other poll across the nation was right on the money - except in Nevada, the earliest state to start reporting concerns about voter fraud. Each and every race across this fair nation fell to within 1% point of Real Clear Politics polling, for the most part - even the hugely contested and perpetually "Toss-Up" states. However, in Nevada, The apparently VERY popular Harry Reid has pulled an election day miracle, swinging the polls BY TEN POINTS in his favor as of this posting.

I don't want to prematurely cry foul here. But it is late and I am ready to call it a night and go home. It appears that the outcome in the Senate is set - the GOP will remain the minority. I still believe that we win Colorado and Washington, which are still counting, giving us a 49/51 disadvantage. Not bad. If Nevada turns in Angel's favor between now and tomorrow morning, 50/50 is not a bad place to be.

The House is unfathomable. We have picked up 52 seats and counting on the Right, setting pace to pick up nearly 75 seats for the night.

The big question will be surrounding Colorado's governor race - Does the GOP become a minor party in that state due to Dan Maes' showing of less than 10% for the GOP? This has huge implications to the party, but should also remind the people of Colorado that principle should ALWAYS come before party. Not to mention they just shot themselves in the foot at a time when they could have easily taken the Capitol in a redistricting term. Look for Colorado to become a blue state for the next ten years.


  1. It would be great if Harry had been thrown out.

  2. There was too many report of voter fraud for him not to have stolen the election.

  3. Reid and the democrat party of Nevada were gathering up Hispanics in buses and shipping them to the polls like cattle with instructions to vote for Reid. Also, it wasn't a coincidence that Casinos had their union thugs "persuade" their employees to vote for Reid.

    Considering how polls were showing Angle ahead of Reid on election day, and the polls for the most part had been accurate elsewhere in the country - I have a hard time believing that shenanigans did not take place. Disappointing, to say the least.