Monday, November 1, 2010

My Official 2012 Presidential Endorsement

I was going to wait until AFTER tomorrow night, but I cannot wait.

Please check out my new blog, Draft Luis Fortuno 2012.

Please head over to the site, read the initial articles I have linked, and some key words of praise for Fortuno. Take a moment to see what a conservative Republican has done in a liberal Carribean island, and US territory (Puerto Rico).

Luis Fortuno is the underdog, the dark horse, and just what this country needs - a strong man cabaple of looking his constituents in the eyes and saying 'get off the government payroll and into the free market!'

Luis Fortuno represents the voice the GOP has been missing, and it is time to spotlight a worthy member from the conservative ranks who, quite literally, speaks the language of the Hispanic voting bloc - a core group of social conservatives who the liberal media is courting on behalf of the liberal Democrats.

Mr. Fortuno sees Hispanics as a natural GOP constituency. The University of Virginia Law School graduate and father of triplets says what he missed most while serving two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives was weekly lunches with his extended family. "Hispanics put family first, and from that stems all else," Mr. Fortuno says. "We are mistrustful of government, own family-sized businesses, and value basic social principles. All of that is aligned with my party."
Governor Fortuno is more than a talking head, or a game-piece in the battle for votes. Fortuno finishes the job, stands firm on Conservative principles, and represents a want and will to preserve and grow the strength of the Union - as the leader of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (The Republican Party on the island aimed at pushing for statehood).

This guy is the one we have been waiting for - a small government fiscal conservative, a catholic social conservative, and a fiery leader with a record of strong finishes!

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