Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey Alaska - Welcome to Washington

Alaskans seem to have sent a clear message - Alaska is no Texas. In fact, the write-in campaign seems to have made Alaska more closely resemble a trend toward Washington State politics. Perhaps the last frontier has been tamed, and now Alaska is just like the rest of us - a moderate liberal state mired in the same old politics as the rest of us. Time to cancel that meeting with my Alaskan Realtor!

On a positive note, the Washington senate race is days away from bweing decided. This new all mail-in system has left stacks of ballots dumped at ballot return sites just before the deadline. Not to mention the apparent rule change that a postmark is good enough for a vote to count (as opposed to being on location), this thing is going to the courts. All of the votes in WA from today are apparently early votes. There are about a million more votes to count from today - and then all those that will be disputed. Alaska, take note - this is what run of the mill politicking looks like!

On that note, we have the House, and I'm going to bed! I think the Dems got the message!


  1. Before you cancel that meeting, you should be aware that Murkowski's win - if indeed she wins the write-in count - is on the backs of the Native population, which has been completely on the gov't dole (free health care for life, corporate dividends, welfare, food stamps) for some two generations now. Those of us who are NOT Native receive none of those things as an entitlement.

    I'm quite frankly disgusted with the whole shootin' match.

  2. Yeah. That has to have been the biggest shocker of the night. I noticed that they still haven't called the race up there yet, but it looks like Alaska is clearly a dynasty state. Too bad too. You guys had the spotlight and a great potential to be leaders in the conservative movement in America. Sorry to see it go down that way!

    Like I said, Alaska was my biggest disappointment of the night, followed closely by Nevada.

  3. Miller can still win, but I do like Alaska slightly less. It seems like too many liberals are moving there.