Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alaska Attacks Washington State

In an apparent show of aggression, the Northern State unleashed her most readily available weapon on the il-prepared Evergreen State - Cold Weather. A winter storm moved into the state on Monday, fueled by a winter depression from Alaska that must have developed sometime around November 17th, when Murkowski was announced as the leader at the original vote count deadline. After a few days of southern migration, the wild storm gave Washington a shellacking unseen since November 2nd's Democratic Party beat-down.

Power was out to 75% of our county, and thousands of cars have been donated to the counties apparent new Modern Art exhibit entitled "Crumpled Highway Cars". Thank you lousy California drivers with bald tires on your 2wd cars and trucks!

We never lost power at our home, and are hosting families from the neighborhood for soup and warm showers until power can be restored. The high temp today is supposed to be 25 with more snow and ice expected.

As a survivalist, I was fully prepared (well, a little lite on the water). I love these little training exercises for upcoming disasters. Let's me know where the leaks are in the ship. On top of my Christmas list is an army style tent for ten people and a portable wood stove. Who needs a generator when you can set up camp in the back yard and party like it's 1899!


  1. We're happy to share ... party on, dude!

  2. Thanks Paul! I love this weather. 3 years in Colorado prepares you for stuff like this. it is every other idioot out on the road driving like "if I don't acknowledge the ice, it doesn't exist"...

  3. What Rev. Paul said! Happy Thanksgiving :)