Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anticipating Election Night Results

I'm sitting on pins and needles as we are 15 minutes away from the first results of the night on the East Coast. I know that the GOP is going to win the House. There is only the question of "How Big?"

I predict that the GOP will pick up 68 seats in the House, taking majority and a firm advantage. Pelosi will retire and a special election will come to California.

I predict at least 48 seats held by the GOP in the Senate. 48 would mean that we lost Illinois and West Virginia. I think we have a good shot in Illinois, giving the GOP 49. At the most, the GOP could walk away with 52 Senate seats - meaning that West Virginia, California, and Washington State voted Republican. If I were a betting man, I would say 50/50 split in the Senate - WA goes to Republican Rossi

Let the election night fun begin!

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  1. If indeed fun is what you wish to call it. But it will be an interesting day.