Monday, April 19, 2010

Human Rights, Liberty, and Europe

On a side note, the EU is attempting to declare that 'vacation' is a human right, and one that should be subsidized by the government of the EU. Before I delve into the insanity at work here, I HAVE to hope that the Federal Government doesn't catch wind of this... might give them ideas!

Human rights are those things without which we are unable to realize our fullest potential. The right to life, being the most basic - without which we would cease to simply be. The right to freedom from oppression - without which we could not freely pursue success. The right, of course, to freely pursue success however you so choose to define it. There are many rights that have been bestowed upon us, all supporting a common theme: Equal Opportunity. A just and civil society must allow equal opportunity to all members, an equal opportunity at life, to achieve, to attempt... this, however, should not be confused with equal outcome.

The concept of equal outcome is the antithesis of liberty, the destabilization of a free and just society, the advocacy for increased control of the individual. From taxing success for wealth redistribution to dictating health and education of the poor, the ever expanding government strives for equal outcome under the assumption that the people simply cannot survive without their intervention.

What is happening in Europe is not a comedy, rather a tragedy. The unification of Europe under an increasingly socialistist wealth redistribution mindset is the great end to independent European societies, but also the single largest driver for future wars in Europe. Regional battles for Independence from tyranny historically follow the conquest of lands at some point down the road. Europe beat back the offenses of nationalistic socialism, but has succumbed to globalistic socialism, the second hand of the same beast. They are an indicator for what is to come in America, especially when our unrepresentative leaders strive in every avenue to emulate Europe.

There can be peace on this world outside of absolute government control. Pax Romana is no longer necessary. Common objectives can be sought that unite the peoples of many lands. The move toward global socialistic conquest has been attempted before, and each time war has been the outcome. Peace under threat of force is no peace... Liberty under the watchful eye of the government is not liberty, and government funded personal benefits are no human right!


  1. "Liberty under the watchful eye of the government is not liberty, and government funded personal benefits are no human right!"

    I wish I'd said that. VERY well done, sir.

  2. Thank you! And you are free to use that 'stevism'! All my best!

  3. While I don't believe that vacation is a right, I think the Euros have a more or less healthier handle on the cultural importance of leisure than Americans do. And certainly much more than the Asians do.