Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here Come the TAXES!

Like prophets foretelling the coming of a great calamity, the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) partiers have vehemently decried the explosion in rate of government growth, if for nothing more, for issues of fiscal concerns. Now, just a month after a controversial, and unfundable, Healthcare law was signed by Obama, the issue of money is coming to the forefront.

Obama is reportedly keeping all options 'On The Table'... for those of you who don't know what the definition of 'IS' is, that is Obama-ese for 'Here come the taxes!'

In order to pay for the indulgent and pork laden federal government, Obama and Congress are considering a Value Added Tax in addition to all current forms of taxation on the people - the same tax that drives up the cost of consumer end items by as much as 17% in the UK. A tax, I might add, that directly impacts the poor and middle class of this country more than any other. The cost, the government will argue, will be captured at the manufacturing level, not at the consumer level. However, it is obvious to anyone who understands cost flowdown that any impact to the bottom line is flowed down to the end item - to the consumer. The consumers who will feel the impact more than anyone else are those with whom wealth does not dwell.

I have a few suggestions, if Obama really is putting ALL options on the table:
1. Cease funding all unconstitutional and unnecessary federal government agencies, programs, and organizations. Cut federal government spending across the board not by 2% or even 5%. Cut the spending by 80%. There is no reason why the federal government should have a budget of $3 - $4 Trillion annually... By dissecting the budget to under a trillion dollars, focus entirely on mandatory spending, and eliminating wealth redistribution the People of the United States will see an increase of $2 - $3 Trillion in the marketplace (not the federal government), and a return to state's authority of self governance.

2. End the dependence on the Federal Reserve, thus eliminating the federal government paying interest on it's own monies. by ending the federal reserve, the US government will spare hundreds of billions annually in simple interests on monies technically owned by the federal government to begin with. The responsibility of coining money lies with the Treasury - not a non-governmental conglomerate of banks known as the federal reserve. We are giving away money to 'big bad banks' - if they are the problem, STOP. Use the constitution to coin money that is NOT a Federal Reserve Note.

3. Scale back the length of session and the pay for federal employees. For the government to operate successfully, the Legislative session need be no more than 3 months a year and the day to day management of the countries can rest with the people and the states, and in case of emergency, the Executive. With a smaller government, less staff, less pay requirements, etc - the US can streamline and spread power to where it is constitutionally reserved - THE STATES AND THE PEOPLE!

None of these idealistic pipe dreams, however, will be discussed by Obama and his team... In fact, they are only concerned with INCREASING power at the federal level, taxing the proles into oblivion, and ensuring that the bridge between those with jobs and those with power is never breached...

So sit back, enjoy the ride... cause here come the taxes!


  1. I agree, Rev. Paul. I see a Perfect Storm ahead, and increased taxation is only part of it.