Thursday, April 8, 2010

White House Considers National Sales Tax

"White House economic adviser Paul Volcker said yesterday the United States should consider imposing a "value added tax" similar to those charged in Europe to help get the deficit under control. "
Just weeks after signing into law an unconstitutional Trillion Dollar health care system, the White House is looking for ways to start making up for their spending habits... and the answer is: Rob the People!

Instead of looking at their spending habits as the root cause of the deficit problem, they explore ways to bridge the gap in income - typical government! Spend into oblivion then tax the people to death!

Enough is Enough... that is a common theme these days, and for a good reason!

In what universe is the federal government living? Do they actually believe that a European style national sales tax is right for America? Of course they do! And the universe, well, it must be a parallel one in which the wealthy senators and representatives are ruling from their marble palaces in DC, out of touch with all the peasants of the nation... oh wait, that sounds a lot like this one.

At what point do we just push our local state governments into rejecting any new federal taxation, or simply challenging the federal government directly on legitimate constitutional grounds across the board? We simply cannot afford this union under the direction of this federal government. The state leadership has got to step up and say it for the people - 'Enough Taxes, Enough Spending, and Enough Constitutionally Questionable Maneuvers from the tiny District of Washington!"


  1. How many "intolerable acts" must we suffer before the people rise up & tell these, ahem, people in Congress to STOP IT? Will it be THIS tax? The next? The one after that?

    No more. Not another dime in additional taxes to support the unsupportable and insufferable.

    Not one. Not now; not ever.

  2. There's a new outrage every day in the obamanation. A massive VAT will finish off what's left of the economy. Watch unemployment take a massive jump.

  3. LL - Almost like it was planned, no?

    Rev - It seems that the people of our generation are bred for this sort of tolerance to taxation and government intervention... mindless zombies? I fail to see the necessary three percent willing to stand up and actually say 'Enough'... The state's should be outraged, the people even more so... calm as cows, we are...