Thursday, April 29, 2010

US House Passes Puerto Rico Statehood Measure

Puerto Rico has been 'blessed' by the US Congress to finally determine her own fate. By a mixed vote of 223 to 169, the House of Representatives gave Puerto Rico the authority of self determination. PR, a territory of the United States, has had an identity crisis for some time, and this vote could lead to the first allowance of a state to the (crippled) Union in over 50 years.

Puerto Rico will get to take a vote on her status in relation to the United States. Becoming a state would allow a voting presence in Congress and electoral votes for presidency. They currently have delegates to congress, but retain no voting rights as a territory. However, as a territory they receive taxpayer funds - to which they pay none into. Becoming a state would increase their taxes, while becoming independent would cut-off the free flow of cash to the island nation.

Words of caution to PR - joining the United States is apparently a one way street. Once you vote to give up your national identity, Puerto Rico will cease to have the liberty it enjoys as a free and relatively independent state. The House Republicans even attempted to amend the vote to say that PR must adopt English as her official language - which would require, what, teaching their students english? OK. Changing to a more 'American Sounding' English name, like "Richport", "Lincoln", "Columbia"... Puerto Rico, Proceed with caution.

And while we're at it - Let's ask the question for each state. There should be a general series of state conferences to re-determine the will of the states to be in, or opt out of the federal government. Gee - I wonder how that would go over?



  1. "There should be a general series of state conferences to re-determine the will of the states to be in, or opt out of the federal government."

    That would be VERY interesting, my friend, and just think: it would create jobs - in the cartographic industry!

  2. Beck had some interesting thoughts on this issue lately. According to him those in Puerto Rico will not have a chance to vote up or down on statehood as they have done in the past. The admission of Puerto Rico would mean millions more on the federal welfare rolls.

  3. I linked to the post. Thanks for spreading the information.

  4. Rev - Indeed! Talk about job creation! We should pitch that one to the feds :)

    Ron - Welcome to the site. The blogging is sparse now, but thanks for reading and commenting! I agree - millions more to the welfare rolls, however, they are already getting a TON of money without having to pay ANY taxes to the US.

    DR - Thank you!

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