Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Partiers are More Educated and Angrier than the Average American

The New York Times, as reported by MSNBC, has let the cat out of the bag about the redneck racist revolutionaries running and supporting the tea party: "Tea party supporters are wealthier and more well-educated than the general public, tend to be Republican, white, male, and married, and their strong opposition to the Obama administration is more rooted in political ideology than anxiety about their personal economic situation"

Does this mean that the liberal left is going to stop pushing the 'Racist Tea Party' talking points, or the 'uneducated gun toting redneck' talking points? Most likely not.

Though they, being the left, fail to see the irony in the educated leaders of this country revolting in general angst over the direction of the federal government, they can no longer ignore us!

Recent polling indicates that more people identify with the tea party movement than with the direction Obama is taking the country. More people align with the policies of the Tea Partiers, the policies of liberty, than with the leftist agenda in D.C. And the liberal left is grudgingly reporting these as "surprising results" - surprising because we have been ridiculed as racist idiotic rednecks for over a year now... The truth shall set you free!

I proudly identify with the liberty movement in America. I am a proud advocate for limited government and responsible local government. I think that a great political awakening is beginning to take place, and that folks are starting to see that the change for change's sake is bad, simply supporting the lesser of two evils is worse, and politics as usual is simply no longer acceptable.

Vive La Liberte!


  1. Nimrod - thanks for reading! Tomorrow is Tax Day, and a day in which Tea Parties are going to occur. Remember, Principles are core to the success of the movement - Principles of supporting Individual Ingenuity over Government Welfare, Individual Rights over Government Mandates, and Individual Success over Government Shortcomings. Rally with pridee, rally smart, and don't give any fodder for prime time!

    Fight On, Ye Noble Soldiers of Liberty!

  2. Well & clearly expressed, Steven. I think that I may be able to drop in on the tea party here tomorrow, weather & work permitting (we got 9" of snow today).

  3. I will be there at the Tea Party protest in Santa Ana, California. It's very important that we not only identify with the principles associated with this fringe element, racist, redneck, astroturf, white trash, sexist movement, homophobic movement, but that we show up personally.

    There is a multiplying force that comes with numbers.

    Perhaps the notion of individual responsibility, smaller government, devolution of power and programs where appropriate to state and local levels and responsible spending will sink in at the national level. I doubt today, but perhaps it will begin in November.

  4. No greater complement could have ever been paid to the grass-roots nature of the Tea Party than for leftists to openly admit that they plan on trying to infiltrate the protests to make party goers appear to say and believe things that they don't. Makes me want to attend all the more.

  5. Circumstances prevented me from being there.

    But my plan was to take with me and fly both a Revolution II Betsy Ross flag and a Bonnie Blue flag.

    Which express the same sentiment.

    Though the latter is a Confederate flag.

    And I wouldn;t have been accosted by anyone, since both anti-Confederate liberal and anti-Confederate "conservative" are historically ignorant.