Monday, March 15, 2010

The United States Officially "Mostly Free"

How 'free' are we in the United States? We are a country whose people thrives on the very concept of living in the 'land of the free'... What effect would be felt if we were living in the land of the 'mostly free'?

Most likely none, as the pomp and circumstance associated with nationalistic pride outweighs the actual facts on the ground.

The Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom for 2010 shows the United States falling to 8th place, and for the first time EVER, out of the standing as a "free" economic society to a "mostly free" society - joining such countries as Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Botswana, and Chile. That is right. The Leader of the Free World has been demoted to a second rate economic society, ranking slightly higher than Mexico (who is gaining much economic traction on the world stage, though currently "moderately free") and, yes, ranking lower than Canada (who is classified as "economically free").

In our lifetime, and under the charging banner of the Federal Government of these many states, the United States has officially surrendered her freedom, losing rank and credibility both regionally and throughout the world.

The image displays the change in ranking from 2009 to 2010. The United States is losing ground in every ranked category, less 'trade freedom' (which improved by one tenth of one percent, and 'Fdm. from Corruption' (though we will lose ground next year due to TARP, as stated in the report).

Regarding our lowest ranking, Government Spending:
Total government expenditures, including consumption and transfer payments, are relatively high and rising rapidly. In the most recent year, government spending equaled 37.4 percent of GDP. Spending increases totaled well over $1 trillion in 2009 alone, an increase of more than 20 percent over 2008. Stimulus spending set for the next three years is estimated to equal 5 percent of 2009 GDP.
A summary of rank changes is as follows:
Business Freedom: -0.6
Trade Freedom: +0.1
Fiscal Freedom: no change
Government Spending: -1.6
Monetary Freedom: -5.9
Investment Freedom: -5.0
Financial Freedom: -10.0
Property Rights: -5.0
Fdm. from Corruption: +1.0
Labor Freedom: -0.3

Another piece of information that has been largely unreported by the mainstream media, nor discussed at large, nor regarded as important to the powers that be. Looking for the silver lining on this is like trying to polish a ... well... you know.

We the people, in the land of the mostly free, have allowed ourselves to slip further into historical obscurity... an experiment gone horribly wrong...


  1. This is a travesty - there is no excuse for what we have allowed the central gov't to do this Union.

  2. Rev - Agreed. It is shameful, still, that there are many in the opposition who openly applaud this result. This, in fact, has been their objective all along.

  3. What I fear the most is that so many more people are now riding in the proverbial cart than pushing it - that undoing this damage would be next to impossible. The government and those that now depend on it for living their lives will never surrender their benefits, even if they know they are contributing to a problem that will bring about the eventual collapse of our country.

  4. The global elite are succeeding in their generation-long plan to bring this country to its knees, keep the American public docile, apathetic, and entertained, and use the United States as a tool to enforce their world wide agenda of global economic and political control. Unless the American people wake up and take a stand, we will witness the implementation of a global currency, a global control grid, and the erosion of our individual State sovereignties. The time is now to stop the progression of the global order that is in its final stages of implementation.