Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Americas

"Healthcare is a right," they say. A right, they truly believe, that the government should provide "free of charge" to every man, woman, and child - citizenship not required. Any human being in the world, they think, should be able to come to this nation and receive free healthcare. Free health services. Free, at the cost of the wealthy. Alas, as consumer subjects of the People's Republic of America, it is our right to steal from the wealthy, the ambitious, the innovative... to pay... for 'free' healthcare... for all... because healthcare is a right to which all humans are entitled... so they say.

There was a time in the history of this country when a man could leave his European (or otherworldly) home, come to America, and turn true grit into success. This was the American Dream. Leave behind the authoritarian constricting governments of the world in search of a free land, where ambition and innovation were worn like badges of honor... where no man, even in a depression, would dare be seen begging for hand-outs - rather he could be found looking for work... a way to feed and protect his family. There was a time when the nation was home to a specific lot, a mindset of personal responsibility... for the self.

In this generation, however, that dream is dead. Ambition and innovation is the exception, and no longer the rule. We have allowed ourselves, en masse, to be deceived - to believe that we are a wealthy nation, when we are in fact bankrupt; that we are a free nation, when we are in fact very limited in our existence; and that the federal government is our provider, when in fact the constitution would suggest otherwise. An abomination has crept into the walls of Troy, has opened the gates, and before our eyes is destroying the very Republic bestowed upon us by our founding fathers... an abomination that we, the people, have welcomed and celebrated... the pillaging of the treasury, the corruption of liberty, and the destruction of virtue - all to the sound of cheers and laughter. We have been deceived, and so we have been conquered.

Hope is not lost, however, but the solution does not come without a heavy burden. There are two Americas: those who hold fast that a virtuous people shall be the masters of their own fate, and those who believe that, at all costs, the people are entitled to health and happiness. I remind you that the Declaration of Independence firmly stated that men were guaranteed certain inalienable rights - that among these were Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness... The pursuit of happiness... Happiness is not a guarantee... Health is not a guarantee... it cannot be given to you, by the government, at anothers expense. YOU must Pursue it. YOU must make the journey, and take the responsibility for your own health, your own happiness. There are two Americas. They are mutually exclusive. One cannot survive in the presence of the other. The solution is simply to cast aside one mindset over the other. Cast aside liberty, or cast aside slavery.

The choice is simple. Supporting liberty, in the spirit of our founding fathers, is the only hope in restoring America to a nation of greatness... to a nation of virtue.

Support liberty. Join in the struggle to not simply make a party change in the government, but to fundamentally correct the course of this nation! Take back the state houses. Take back the school boards. Take back the counties and the cities. Use the power of the states to take back the power from the federal government and return it to the people and the states!


  1. Power has been usurped; the people have been hoodwinked by a smile, a soft lullaby, as the usurpers have stolen our heritage.

    Power must be regained, from the bottom up, as you said. At the precinct level, in neighborhoods, in towns and villages and cities ... then at the state level, as the usurpers find themselves on the outside, wondering how it happened.

    But can this happen fast enough? Or is it too late for a peaceful transition? Have we allowed the brain-washing of our youth to progress too far? Does anyone under the age of 40 even remember what it is that we fight for?

    Pray it's not too late, and teach your kids what America is supposed to be - make a difference.

    (I apologize for the sermonette - clearly, I'm passionate about this topic.)

  2. "...crept into the walls of Troy"

    Well stated my friend. And while you say there are two "mututally exclusive" Americas - only one is sustainable.

  3. Rev - I'm only 30... so, yes... there is hope in the 'under 40' crowd! And I appreciate your sermonette! It is what we all need to hear!

    Dustin - You're right on. Getting the message out about that seems to be the war we're losing...

    Patz - Indeed! And I believe it already has begun!