Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Federal Government Ignores Chaos at Southern Border

Thousands of illegals continue to flow into the United States across the Mexican/US border on a daily basis - carrying with them drugs, disease, poverty, and an agenda. The United States, after an uproar in 2005 and 2006 over illegals in the US, is still unresponsive - and promises to complete a border fence simply have not been kept. It seems that the United States Federal Government may also have an agenda - but what and why?

With the murder over the weekend of a US citizen by a Mexican drug trafficker, you would expect a media blitz on illegal immigration... you would expect public outcry over the incident... you would expect a statement from the federal government regarding the sanctity of our borders... However, we are getting none of this. There is a near media black-out on this issue, and the Federal Government is remaining silent on their faults leading up to the murder.

Alas, there is a beacon of hope in the media - FoxNews... better late than never, and again filling an agenda of their own - highlighting the further frustration by the border state governments regarding the lack of assistance from the Feds on the promised border security... Let's take the bait and further this discussion, because it is relevant and important to the general message and tone of this blog.

The Federal Government is a collection of representatives from the multitude of states and territories... when they fail to represent, the states are left to fill the void - independent local authority. The increasing chaos along the US southern border leaves the states in a predicament: ignore the problem and wait for the Feds to finally kick into gear, or defend their STATE SOVEREIGN BORDERS? The answer is clear in my eyes.

The United States Government has become a corrupt and failed entity, failing to poses the basic ability or will to defend her own borders. The failure of the US in this avenue is the surest sign that the United States is failing, has failed, or intends to fail as a sovereign entity.

As such, it is time that the multitude of states declare the ineptitude of the current government, and begin taking actions to protect their own sovereign borders. This can only be accomplished by recalling all State Militia (national guard) troops from overseas, and deploying them as active military units along the international borders. Mexico, her people, and her criminal underground have declared a war against the states of the union, the people of the states, and our sovereignty. When the federal government fails to defend the land, the responsibility rests solely with the people and the states.
Gov. Jan Brewer told Fox News on Wednesday that after repeatedly calling on the
federal government to send in 250 National Guard troops, she hasn't ruled out
making the call herself.

We should support and defend the governments in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California to call forward their OWN national Guard Troops (as they are the Commander in Chief of the State Militias), and move to defend their southern borders. It may be an international border, and thus the responsibility of the Federal Government - but it is also a right of each state to defend their borders against invasion.

Let this be yet another testament to the strength of the states and the people, and another shortfall of the out of touch dictators in D.C.


  1. I think you're spot on, once again. I've long been puzzled by the apparent failure of Southwestern Governors to police their own borders - since it's clear the federal protection will NOT be forthcoming. Perhaps it's been a budgetary issue, but I don't think they can afford to put off the decision much longer.

    Mexican troops, drug dealers, and thousand of illegal border crossings are simply unacceptable.

  2. Oh, it's coming from the federal government soon enough. Amnesty to all the illegal immigrants, so that they can vote in more dictators... I agree that the states should protect their own borders from invasion in this situation where idiocy is being brought to you from D.C. on a daily basis.