Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In need of good candidates

The loss of Deb Medina in Texas last night was a blow to the absolute 10th amendment movement as part of the "restructure" wing in the GOP. Medina was the best hope at placing pressure, true pressure on DC in order to advocate for state's rights and state's sovereignty from the US leviathan.

In light of her defeat, though she did a great job rallying supporters en masse, it is now time to look toward future primary races and in states where a balance of power can be tipped in favor not of political power but in leverage on DC to retreat to within its constitutional constraints.

I have a few individuals listed at the header of my blog, namely Craig Williams for US Senate in WA.

Are there any other candidates that my readers could recommend for my viewing pleasure? It would be great to take this time to focus on candidates and individual races ahead of the 2010 elections.


1 comment:

  1. JD Hayworth for US Senate in AZ.