Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Era of Terror

In the wake of the Healthcare vote, the fundamental change between government and the subjects of the government, there have been about ten reports of mild violence aimed at Congressional figures, both Democratic and Republican. From threatening letters to bricks, and the now reported bullet hole in a Republican Congressman's office window, there has been a rash of mild violence as Americans find themselves at their wits end with such a radical and fundamental shift in the structure of our government.

Do I condone violence against elected leaders? No.

Do I understand? Sure I do.

No action is meaningless. Such actions seem to be misplaced acts of aggression in the build up of tension between the people and the government... but one thing is certain - they are not, as the Democratic Majority Whip declared, 'acts of terror'! They are criminal acts that echo the mounting frustration by citizens that the congress and the federal government in general are out of control.

I had previously questioned the use of the term "terror", as Homeland Security released their updated briefing last year ahead of the Tea Parties, classifying members of the Tea Party as 'potential terrorists' or 'likely terrorists'. It seems that criminal acts of violence classify as 'acts of terrorism' when there is political gain by the victim in the media, and thus a sympathetic ear by the consumer subject of the union.

The labelling of "terrorist" marginalizes a message while emotionalizing, and as such confusing, the facts on the ground. It is true in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan as much as it is here in the United States:

* A terrorist is one who targets civilians for the purpose of mass emotional response for political gain.

* An insurgent is one who fights a standing army or leaders of an occupying force by guerrilla tactics.

* A criminal is one who breaks the law in threats and attacks on political figures or private citizens.

I warned that as tensions escalated in the United States, as the battle lines were defined between the subjects and the citizens, that the power of persuasion by mass emotional manipulation would be the most effective and widely used tool. As many are reporting now, it is the intent of the left to insight 60's style liberal violence by the right in order to marginalize our counter position... We are witness to the yet another tactic of the left in their aggressive onslaught of liberty by continued manipulation of the masses!

Reject the wrongful and emotional classification of 'terrorism' given to these criminal acts. Take the fight to the states and courts, and push local government to support sovereignty and nullification actions. Tear the curtains off the windows of the liberal leftists doghouse through legal avenues... reject their policies to the core. And most importantly, call them out on their wrongful and emotional attempts at mass manipulation in the wake of their tragic miscalculation!

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