Monday, March 22, 2010

Turn to the States!

Unrepresentative Arrogance... two words which describe the push of "Obamacare" through the chambers of Congress - put into pictures it is Pelosi carrying a giant gavel, as if saying: "I AM THE LAW!"

The medicare gavel, a poor choice of representation of such a "zero impact" bill - but I digress.

The states hold the power in this union... at least they used to, and can once again. From Virginia, to Florida, to Idaho, State Attorney Generals are preparing to battle the federal government in court over the constitutionality associated with mandating, from a federal level, that the private citizens of a state purchase a good or service. Moments after Obama signs the Bill into law, the courts will be flooded with suits and counter suits that will tie up legislation for years.

But this is a double barrelled assault! States, such as Washington via House Bill HB2712, are ensuring increased power at the state level in a most ingenious way! This bill would allow the state of Washington to create an Escrow fund that ALL federal taxes would be paid into by the residents of the state of Washington. The state board in control of the account would determine what is constitutionally due the federal government from the plurality of the residents of the state, and provide a lump sum on behalf of the people of the state. In doing so, the board could deem any amount intended to cover "Obamacare" nullified, and as a state, challenge the federal government's authority to collect that portion of taxes.

When in doubt, turn to the local and state governments! It is there where the power of the people resides! If the states are corrupt and cowardly, you will go farther in local and state elections, and have a better chance of turning over weak elected officials than entrenched incumbents at the federal level... until, perhaps, they realize (as they are sure to do) that the power does, in fact, reside at the state level!

So, be not dismayed! Turn to the 2010 election and support your state representatives who are in favor of state's rights, nullification, and LIBERTY!


  1. That sounds really great, but has HB2712 been signed into law? Or merely proposed?

  2. Rev - it has been read, and kept alive in the special session... so it is still alive and that is a GOOD thing! NOT to mention that the State of WA Attorney Gen. just announced that he will sue the federal government without the blessing of our Wicked Witch, Gov. Gregoire. There is hope... the AP reported that the war had been won by the democrats... HA... a small hurdle, perhaps... but the war has only just begun!