Monday, March 16, 2009

Touching the Untouchables

The success of the left, both within the United States and around the globe (see El Salvador's election results) has been predicated on one idea - the populist message that the people hold the power - unfortunately, the message is that the people hold the power over the corporations, private entities which have developed from free market needs for manufacturing or otherwise providing goods and services... businesses which have become successful because they provide useful services or popular goods - built by the demand of the consumer - the very individuals who now strive to topple them.

The left has defined the untouchables as the greedy businessman, living off the labor of the yeoman, and giving nothing back... they have been defined as corrupt, bloated, egocentric individuals with no justification for their wealth, and no reason to keep it. It is the duty of the left, so they believe, to tar and feather the wealthy individual, redistribute his wealth, and manage his business through the use of government officials.

What the left does not share is this:

  • the wealthy provide jobs and paychecks for those in the middle and lower classes. Their success means your survival.
  • the wealthy provide the majority of revenue streams through charitable foundations - providing private charity and the jobs that entails
  • the wealthiest 1% pay 50% of all US taxes - this means that roads, schools, government offices, police, fire, etc - these are all largely paid for by greedy corporate elite.
Once the left succeeds in toppling the untouchables, jobs will not be created based on economic need, rather governmental mandates. Factories will be run by government agencies responsible for oversight of jobs, pay, etc - ensuring an equal outcome for all workers... do not confuse this with the equal opportunity at success - this means that no matter how hard you work or what you do, you will get paid the same with the same benefits... no incentive to succeed, else you become the "greedy corporate elite".

What the left is attempting to do, that the plebs fail to recognize, is to eliminate a class of citizens vital to the structure of our way of life, and replace it with government - embedding the government into every aspect of our life - ensuring total control.

Obama's Chief of Staff, as posted in an earlier blog, made comments about "earning citizenship" through their plan for mandatory basic training in Obama's "Civil Defense Corps" - a re-education camp for ensured obedience to government rule... without this training, you have not earned your right as a citizen - and as such, will most likely lose your ability to influence the government, that is, you will not have the right to vote.

Such radical ideals are only able to be put into place because the left has fooled the peoples of this world into fearing class structure which is controlled by the people - and they have begun to conniving put into place a class structure which is controlled entirely by the government entity... making the government and the infrastructure and people supporting it the true Untouchables.

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