Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rebuilding the Republican Party - Time to Radicalize, Time to Get our Hands Dirty

Enough of the "Big Tent" talk. The Republican Party is now at war - Conservatism is under constant attack - and Conservative America has given way to Obama's Radical Social Policy, Radical Economic Policy, and otherwise extreme leftist policy that would make even the worst in Europe blush.

Under Obama, America has lost the market completely, she has lost welfare reform, she has lost free market capitalism, she has lost social conservatism with regards to life... she has lost her soul.

And the opposition is ineffective at best. With nearly filibuster-proof numbers in the house and senate, every vote counts... so when three Republican Senators betray their party, we may as well roll out the red carpet of socialism for Obama and his ilk.

The way I see it, Michael Steele has one chance to save this party... and his goal should be just that... NOT regaining power, but saving the party.

The rise to power should not be the focus of the party - it should be the fruits of our labor!

Michael Steele must make a stand for economic and social conservatism - using the three senators who crossed party lines as an example - AND KICK THEM OUT OF THE PARTY. Inform them, and their constituents, that they are NOT welcome to run for re-election as Republicans.

Furthermore, EVERY Republican office holder, at ALL levels of office should be made to sign a pledge, which should read:

I am a Republican.

I am humbled before our Creator, Nature's God, and struggle to uphold
His Natural Law.

I am the first defender of Life, Liberty, and the Right to Pursue

I affirm that life lives in the womb, and that each unborn child has a
Natural Right to Life.

I affirm that Liberty is the freedom from tyranny, and that to ensure
the Natural Right to Liberty every individual shall be free to own property,
freely worship, freely speak, and defend these rights from government
encroachment by freely keeping and bearing arms.

I affirm that each individual is responsible for their own actions, their life choices, and should be held fully accountable for their decisions.

I affirm that it is each individuals Natural Right to define and
Pursue their own Happiness, so long as that pursuit does not encroach on
anothers Natural Rights.

I affirm that the Government should be directed by the Creator's
Natural Law, but should not perform the functions otherwise reserved to religious
houses of worship - including sanctioning marriages.

I affirm that it is my duty to reduce the size of government, reduce
foreign influence in our government, reduce unnecessary governmental spending,
and strive to eliminate unnecessary taxation on the citizens of this

I affirm that I am a citizen of this nation, a citizen of my state, and a citizen in my community - and as such it is my duty to hold allegiance only to the same.

I affirm that to be a Republican is to strictly adhere to the Core
Founding Principles set forth in the founding documents of this

I pledge that I am Republican, and as such I will strictly adhere
to the principles, as outlined above. As an elected official in the
Republican Party, should I stray from the Code of Conduct of representing our
party, or should I stray from our Core Principles, it is the right of the Party
to excommunicate me from their ranks.

Any Republican official refusing to sign should be publicly excommunicated. Any Republican official breaking ranks, and not strictly following the core principles should be excommunicated.

These actions will send a strong message that the Republican Party is a party of high moral fiber, strict adherence to the beliefs of the foundation of these United States, and that we are a serious opposition to the strict Socialist Policy of the New Democratic Party.

We may not be in the majority in 2012, nor in 2016... but we will be strong, resolute, and sound a strong message of unity under a common banner of morality and the core principles. We will be a solid opposition to the Democrats - and when folks see this kind of Unity, these values which we uphold, they will return to the party.

Michael Steele will not take these steps - Our State Party Chairmen will not take these steps - Our County Party Chairmen will not take these steps... and as such, no real change will take place in our party.

If we do not have the courage to be the change, what purpose do we have in this life but to work to support the machine.


  1. Did you write the pledge or did you get it from somewhere? If you got it from someone else could you provide a reference. Thanks

  2. Anon -

    I wrote this pledge - Credit is Steven M Nielson - feel free to share.

    Thanks for asking!


  3. Steven - you said "I affirm that life lives in the womb, and that each unborn child has a
    Natural Right to Life.", with which I agree completely. What are your thoughts of Steele's comments in his interview with GQ? His spin control is not holding water.

  4. Onemom -

    Originally, I supported Steele because of his ability to fundraise and lead - as was evident in the GOPAC... the last 6 weeks have been very discouraging for Steele, and the RNC.

    My thoughts about Steele's comments: Steele has indicated time and again that he is absolutely pro life. His comment was smpun to stir up controversy within the RNC... he stated that his mother had the choice to make... and has indicated that he does not necessarily support such a choice, but that choice ultimately exists.

    The argument of choice, as it relates to my affirmation above, is simple. You either believe that life lives in the womb or you dont. If you do, as I believe Steele does, then it should be your quest to protect that life under the law - to ensure that our laws match Natural Law, and support Natural Rights - as defined in our Declaration of Independence.

    One thing is certain, he is not the media front man that we all thought he would be - and he is becoming a bad leader for the party - a non-leader... mainly because we are allowing the Liberal Media to drive the debate within our own party...

    The leader of our party is not Jindal, is not Steele, is not Limbaugh, is not even Huckabee... The leader of our party is the one who stands up and follows the example of the Christ - overturn the tax table in the temple... kick-out those who are breaking the rules.

    Now, understand - we have to adhere to our Moral code before we can address our Ethical code - morals being a blanket solution to spontaneous situations... Once we do that we can discus it's affect on Ethical solutions - being spontaneous solutions to spontaneous problems... there should be no thinking involved... it should be the right of a common intuition - for example - LIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT...

    Once we get someone who understands the debate, all the debates, across the board - we have our leader... until then, we have jesters trying to play king.

  5. As an aside, Steven, let me say that I am happy to see the increased activity in your comments box section of late, even if most of your fellow Rocky Mountain Alliance 2.0 bloggers seem to avoid you like the plague. (They're full of fear and trembling, in my estimation.) Your blog is one of the most interesting political blogs in Colorado. It's interesting for several reasons, not the least of which are your willingness to buck the regnant neoconservatism and your unique slant on many issues. Keep up the good work.

  6. Jonesie - Thank you for your kind words.

    To be clear, I absolutely do not consider myself a neocon... It is a misguided idealogy, and the death of our party.

    As such - I will continue my writing, my innovative ideas, and my outside of the box thinking/posting. It is my hopes that my fellow bloggers at RMA 2.0 appreciate an alternate conservative/libertarian POV.