Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama's Draft - Mandatory Civil Service Revisited

An issue still burning in the back of my head is Obama's plan for mandatory civil service. Rahm Emanuel, in the following video clip, indicated that "citizenship is not an entitlement program" - that every consumer, to earn citizenship, will be forced into mandatory 3 month basic training courses for "national defense"...

National Defense - from the same ilk who wants to disarm American Citizens.

Mandatory Citizenship Training - from the same ilk who wants to allow a one world, border free society.

This is nothing more than an indoctrination... once the spiritless, soulless Obama agenda is laid out, it will be time to indoctrinate those needed to defend his new regime... how to hate those who disagree... how to harass and/or hurt those who do not conform... similar tactics as those he espoused in Nevada during the campaign - "Get in their faces"...

If we do not recognize the tidal wave threat, and we continue to be a news-cycle and political party of reaction, then we have already lost and he has already won.

For those politicians who WANTED Obama to succeed, indoctrination classes will be starting soon.

For those of us brave enough to stand up and say that "I hope he Fails", you are the first, the last, and the only line of defense for our Core Values, our Core Principles - Liberty...

God Speed, warriors of freedom!


  1. So The One and his foul-mouthed poodle want universal mandatory civil service, do they?

    I think it's safe to say, given the current general Middle-American backlash/uprising, that there are going to be a lot of draft cards burnt.

  2. Personally, I'm thinking it will be a lot more violent than that - that there are going to be a lot of draft ENFORCERS burnt...

    It is clear that the American people, and especially those whom this 'draft' seeks to target, who have had enough.

  3. Did anyone notice that this clip is from 2006?

  4. someone needs to think of a better way to keep Americans from turning into mindless zombies. No joke, these NWO conspiracys, these claims of fascism, these complete morons are going to give me heart disease! I can't take it anymore! Do something more constructive with tellecommunications! These "Obama is hitler" claims do more harm than good.

  5. Anonymous,

    Please read our History!!! It starts slowly and then builds up to where it is unstoppable! How do you think Hitler consolidated his power? Read up on the "Brown Shirts" and the Night of Long Knives. Although Hitler and Obama are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, the ends to a means are similar enough to warrant comparison.

  6. Hate me mother fucker! You pussies. Hate me. You stupid civillians cannot do anything right. Fuck civillians, so damn sloppy. So stupid doing drugs and adultery. YOU ARE IDIOTS!

  7. I think the idea of mandatory civil or military service is a good idea. Go Rahm Emanuel

    1. I think the idea of freedom to choose is a good idea....I don't want my children forced into the military against there own will....