Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tasteless Tirade or Free Speech?

When did the United States become a country full of citizens void of rational independent thought?

When did we cease to have the ability to comprehend the deeper meaning of free expression, art, poetry, or literature?

The answer is clear: Rational thought went out the window when Political Correctness became king!

Political Correctness is a dangerous tool used by the "ruling" class to attack crimes of the mind - thoughtcrimes, if you will. Just like this Orwellian paradox, Political Correctness is used to attack the idea that free expression can be used to invoke independent reasonable conclusions.

Take, for example, the Danish cartoonist depicting Muhammad as wearing a bomb turban. The intent behind the cartoon is to invoke a cognitive debate by making the emotional argument so extreme - however, the mind of the masses have been made to think like children [1], unable to reason beyond the initial emotional instinct, thus unable (or unwilling for fear of committing thoughtcrime) to progress beyond the baser ability of the mind and participate in rational thought. [1. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up my childish ways - 1 Corinth 13:11]

So when the New Yorker magazine publishes it's Barack Obama cover, are we to react in such ways that the Obama Campaign has reacted, attacking the overtly ridiculous emotional intention of the art as "tasteless and offensive", or should we consider the intent behind the cartoon - rational thought about the politics of fear? Again, I ask, when did we lose our ability of rational thought, of cognitive ability?

Have we become so controlled that we are as children - even those seeking the highest office in these United States?

In fact, the cover of the New Yorker is a beautiful representation of free speech being used to challenge political correctness and subsequent childish thinking, such as fear mongering.

Obama is not a terrorist, not a Muslim, and not going to invite Osama over for tea and crumpets.
What he will do, however, is establish policy in the United States putting emphasis on the new form of government slowly taking over in this country - Socialist Democracy. The evolution of the United States is one that began as a Republic, became a Democracy, and is inching dangerously close towards Socialism. Electing leaders such as Obama will ensure a march away from freedom, and ensure the end of this great experiment of freedom and liberty. (Tools are already in place to silence the opposition against the Socialist Savior)

*Republic, if you can keep it - Benjamin Franklin
*Republic vs. Democracy

Are we a nation now of child-minded mobs, such that makes a democracy in decline? Are we a people who believe in collective ownership of property, in any capacity - such that makes a socialist society?

Or are we a nation that supports the liberty of free expression, personal responsibility, and personal ownership - such that makes a true republic?

For a republic to survive, her people must be intelligent enough to recognize hysteria associated with ideals such as Political Correctness and Though Crimes.

Join with me in applauding the fight for intelligent thought that the New Yorker is attempting to maintain.

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  1. Free speech my friend and in this country we are losing our ability to do so without persecution if someone does not like our point of view. We have been made to be afraid to say what we think for fear of acceptance or surfer reprisal from those who can not handle our right to free speech.

    Because of our silence, the evils of the world is encroaching onto our freedom... More than ever, we must speak out on what we believe is right not what is politically correct or sensitive.

    "If you are under 25 years old and not a Liberal you have no heart, if you are older than 25 and not a conservative you have no brain"...

    Leftists, grow a brain. Look at the left leaning European and their quality of life...it sucks. Travel more and see how they actually live in comparison to how we live. Don't rely on television for your facts. Listen to some AM talk shows and perhaps it will open your eyes.

    No political party is perfect. Choose the best candidate you can but remember. Oil companies are not evil, get rid of them or just hurt them more with legislation and see fuel prices at $10/gal...yep I paid that just last week in France.

    Do you know why European don't work more than 40 hours a week? more like 36 hours a week...it is because most have to rely on public transportation to get to work because an average subcompact equivalent to a Kia Sephia is about $25K to buy and just think about $10/gal and going up on fuel cost. They spend 12 hours out of their house for a 7 hour day. It is the same amount of time I spend out of the house for a 10 hour day with errands ran after work.

    My friends who lives 12 miles away from her work (18 KM), the exact distance I live from work spend about 2 hours each day to walk to the Metro (fortunate high salary earner who can afford a house close to a metro stop), take the metro with two line changes and then take a bus connection to the bank where she works. Guess what I paid about the same in fuel driving my H2 as she does having to drive her diesel VW Golf in the winter to avoid the walk to the metro especially after grocery shopping to avoid having to traverse stairs and deal with sardine can conditions in the trains while lugging bags of groceries.

    We both have a Bachelor degree, we are both 20 years experience professional in our field and our spouses are also working professionals. Our family income is ~$200K/year gross. Theirs was about equivalent but recently with the exchange rate change, it is closer to $280K/year for them.

    They live in a 120 square meter (about 1200 sqft) town house...Very nice and much larger than average there on the outskirts of Paris. We live in a 3500 sqft Mc Mansion in California.

    They drive a 12 year old Mercedes 240D and a 6 year old Golf equivalent without power windows. We drive a 2003 Caddilac CTS and a 2008 (yes buy them now, there are a lot of incentive) H2.

    We have a brand new $2.5K set of front loading Whirlpool wash/dry set...They still ... line dry.

    This is what Socialism or living in a nanny state does for you. Take your money and give it to those who chooses not to work.

    Well at least, they have wonder pastries...the warm croissants are to die for if you catch them shortly out of the oven but prepare to pay $3 each for them. Their coffees are very good as well but hey that is why we keep visiting our friends in France.

    I believe that you should take care of your sick and your disabled but I don't believe in creating or perpetuating dependent noncontributing group of people who are nothing more than burden to society.

    We are generous with our money and like to help people but beyond the sick and disabled, charity should strictly be ... dare I say it... voluntary.

    Transplanted US Citizen originally from Vietnam. Immigrated in 1975. Attended grade 8th through 16th here in the US. Washed dishes, bussed tables, cooked and waited table to put myself through college. 9th kid of 16 from one set of parents...yes they are Catholic.

    I believe abortion is murder.
    I believe we should have the right to bear arms and the right to shoot dead any one who seek to harm us or our love ones.
    I believe in preemptive strike.
    I believe that prayers should be said in school, loudly and with conviction.
    I believe in the free market and have yet to see flaw in the theory of supply and demand.
    I believe that the Global Warming Believers are either so stupid that they have bought into this lie or believe that their audience are so stupid that you would accept that Global Warming will doom us all. Pull the data, examine it for yourself. The hottest recorded temperatures way before there were a car for each family.

    Please look at those who are preaching about leaving smaller carbon foot prints...How do they arrive at their destinations to deliver their speeches?

    Why not video conference? It is because they are all elitists. Smaller footprints is only for everyone else.

    I believe that the bleeding heart liberals who wants to elevate the poor (without them earning it) should just take out their check book and start writing instead of sticking their hands in my pocket.

    I would like to know how much money they actually give out.